Common compressor Issues and Solutions, when it runs abnormally

Compressors play an important part in refrigeration systems, And refrigeration compressors should be properly maintained and should be inspected, and tested on a regular basis.

We could meet something wrong with the compressor while using the refrigeration unit. Now, let us list some common problems.

1. Compressor can’t work.

Firstly check the local power. Then check electrical cable, element, motor and compressor protection. Finally, check the compressor itself.

2. Another compressor fault is compressor start and stops frequently.

3. The others two problem of compressor are low efficiency and high temperature of the compressor shell.

Your refrigeration system's health might have an impact on your cold room cooling capability. Regular maintenance and inspections can help your refrigeration system last longer. If you require a replacement compressor or build a cold room, contact us for refrigeration solution.

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