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North York emergency dentist

This leads to the fact of how important these dentist visits actually seem! If your dental pain is unbearable, don't hesitate to make an appointment right away. Avoid things to get worse for your oral health.

What’s an emergency dentist

When you're in pain, it's nice to know that there is someone who will help get rid of your discomfort as soon as possible. That’s why the emergency dentist exists - they want all their patients' teeth problems solved quickly so life goes back to being normal again!

The mission of your North York emergency dentists isn't just about providing quick relief; quality dental care also comes first. They offer life-saving oral healthcare by being prepared for any emergencies that may come up such as toothaches or infections.

Dental emergencies

Here are the most common dental emergencies:


Once you have a toothache, the first thing that should happen is to go to your North York emergency dentist. The dentist may ask for dental x-rays in order to get an accurate diagnosis. This will let them treat it accordingly if necessary with medication or surgery depending on what's causing this pain (dental decay).

The dentist will take an examination of your mouth and determine the cause of any pain. If it's not due to dental decay, they may prescribe medication or antibiotics so you can get relief as quickly as possible!


Tooth abscesses are painful infections that can spread to the bone, causing tooth loss. The North York emergency dentist will easily notice any signs or symptoms of an infected tooth. So, it’s best to see them right away.

It can be painful, but the quicker it gets taken care of by an expert in this field then all will go well with your oral hygiene and health soon enough.

The sooner you get your toothache treated, the better. A serious infection could spread throughout one’s body and even cause you to lose your permanent teeth! So call ahead to prevent any future complications that may arise from neglecting treatment on time as these ones do.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If you notice your tooth got knocked out, call the North York emergency dentist ASAP and ask for guidance. If it's not too late yet, put the lost tooth in milk or any other liquid so that its roots aren't touched. Hold onto what remains by placing it on top only; don’t clean off bloodied particles either since they might need reattaching during an appointment!

Loose dental crown

Your loose dental crown is important, and we want it to stay on for as long as possible. So the next time something starts feeling off with your tooth - don't hesitate! Make an appointment right away at our North York emergency dentist clinic so that everything can be looked after in a time before things get worse. A quick visit might just save you some hassle down the road.

Pain in the jaw

You should see your dentist as soon as you believe you’ve fractured your jaw. This will help to alleviate pain and avoid swelling, so take medication or apply ice on-site if needed until then. But, don't eat anything other than liquids while waiting! Your dentist might also recommend that you work closely together with a doctor specialist because of specific needs during this time. This will ensure proper treatment in an accident like yours.

In certain circumstances, such accidents call out medical specialists who can provide better advice based on individual necessity.

Cracked teeth

A broken or cracked tooth is no fun. If you are experiencing pain from your injury and have called your North York emergency dentist already- then grab an ice pack and rinse out your mouth with warm water while you’re on your way to the office.

As soon as you get there, your dentist may provide you with pain medication and then get dental bonding done on your broken or chipped front teeth. Dental bonding is suited best in circumstances where there’s been damage caused by cracks near areas like around sockets.

When to see your dentist

North York dentist

Because here at Leslie Smile Solutions – we are dedicated to giving excellent service with a personal touch. We want to make sure each patient feels comfortable throughout their visit. We shall create lasting memories with our satisfying visits so we will see you again in the near future.

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