What is the meaning behind our dreams?

Dr. William M. Bernstein

What does our dream mean?

dream interpretation

Although there is no clear evidence to support the idea of what dreams are, it is generally believed that they represent thoughts, feelings, emotions, people, places, and symbols that are relevant to the dreamer.

Does the meaning of dreams have any significance?

It is difficult to determine if dreams have meaning. There is no objective way to answer this question. Meaning is not something that can be measured scientifically. Even the most revered figures in psychiatry like Freud or Jung have theories that cannot be technically supported.

Other theories on what dreams could mean are:

Activation-synthesis theory. Harvard University psychiatrists believe that dreams are generated by new information and occur in the brainstem.

Threat-simulation theory. This theory was developed by a psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist from Finland. It states that dreaming can be used to prepare for situations in real life that you are concerned about.

According to one studyrelationships

It is a way to connect with new information and recall old memories. Another study suggests that dreaming is a way for your brain to organize knowledge, form connections, and help with memory. It also suggests that dreaming can help with decision-making, problem-solving, prioritizing, and decision-making.

Interpreting the meaning of our dreams

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W.M. Bernstein


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