Typical Saturday Fangirl's morning routines

1.) Wake up 2.) Do cardio 3.) Eat breakfast 4.) Listen to kpop and jpop 5.) Spend hours on Vingle and Instragram . 6.) Get kick out of my room. 7.) Sulk because I'm not in my room. 8.) Watch my bias on YouTube. 9.) Write songs 10.) Wait until my sister leaves the room. 11.) Repeat 4 and 5 12.) Daydream about Park Kyung (block b) 13. Change my bias list. 14. Realize that my list was ruined. 15. Listen to more kpop and jrock. 16.) Then sulk because they don't know I exist. 17.) Repeat all over again.

I love kpop, jpop, rock, jrock and anime. Thanks to my dad, who introduce me to the asian culture world that I am who I am. I'm a proud greek that enjoys video games with her best friend and writing stories and lyrics.
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