7 Things You Should Know Before Going to a Pain Management Specialist in Singapore!!!

pain relief clinic in Singapore

Know about your pain

You should have answers to questions like in what body part, I am feeling pain, does it radiate or stay in one place, are there any specific movement or activity like sitting, standing, walking that triggers pain, is there any other kind of feelings like numbness, burning, tingling or similar sensations, is there any other problem associated along with pain and so on. The better you are prepared to tell about your sufferings, the better chiropractor can understand your condition and can find out a solution to it.

What to expect when you first visit a pain specialist center?

First of all, a doctor will try to find out the reason behind the pain. So, to determine the underlying cause of the issue, a full physical examination has been done by the doctor. Before testing, a series of questions as discussed above will be inquired by the doctor. You have to answer all the questions honestly. Your answers will help the practitioner to build patterns to better understand the problem. Then in most cases, the first visit includes an adjustment which is a quick and painless process that helps you to get instant relief from pain. A chiropractor will tell you to lie on a table and then he can push, pull or twist sections to identify and repair misalignments. If you listen to sounds like “popping” or “cracking” then you don’t have to worry about it because this is normal.

How effective the pain clinics are?

Multiple studies have proven that the folks who have taken the pain management therapies have less pain and emotional distress. They are getting more comfortable and becoming more flexible and functional.

What clinics should avoid?

You should stay away from the pain relief clinics that offer mostly narcotics for the treatment because these medications can affect your overall health. It should be the responsibility of the specialist to treat your pain while considering the overall health of your body.

What does a chiropractor do?

When treating, chiropractors focus on the entire body and how different bodily systems work with each other. They use their hands to know the problem behind the pain and to treat it. “Adjustments” for the correct alignment are used by them to improve how your body works and to restore the entire well-being of a person.

Type of pains treated by pain management specialist in Singapore

The list of medical problems is long enough. When one is suffering from chronic pain for a long time and the cause behind the pain is direct tissue injury, nerve injury, or a combination of both then a chiropractor is the best solution to the problem. Examples of tissue injury pain are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and neuropathy are some of the nerve injury pain examples. Cancer, back pain and neck pain are mixed injury cases.

Different treatment methods used by a pain specialist

For both the long-term and short-term pains, pain specialist finds out a tailored method to treat them after determining the main cause of the problem. There are a lot of therapies and methods used for treatment such as physical therapy can do wonders for treating chronic pain but only after knowing the source behind the pain. Acupuncture, massage, meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, diet suggestion, and water therapy, are some of the main treatments used by the one to treat patients. The method of treatment is customized according to the patient’s problem.

Wrapping it all up!!!

You might be nervous that whether a pain specialist is the right person to see to address your problem, if yes, then the above guide will help you to decide everything. This will prepare you mentally for the treatment.

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