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Al ITEZAN Lawyers and Legal Consultants is the

With more than 25 years of experience in criminal cases, our office represents its clients in all phases of the criminal case, starting with dishonored checks to fraud and forgery, and we have the right to follow up from the initial investigations to the fifinal phases of the case. We also represent the victim in the criminal case by claiming the civil right in order to prove the personal and moral damages caused to his money or his body, the matter which shall result in the emerge of his right to compensation. On that context, our advocates enjoy proper experience and knowledge of the criminal law and the system of criminal justice in the United Arab Emirates. They also enjoy a wide experience in representing natural and legal persons in criminal proceedings before the various courts in the United Arab Emirates and in all types and forms of criminal cases such as

Information crimes

Drug cases

Cases of premeditated murder and attempted murder


Kidnapping cases

Assault cases

Crimes of beating and wounding

Money laundering cases

Cases of defamation and threats

Defamation and extortion cases

Crimes of embezzlement and breach of trust

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