Advantages Of AAC Blocks

Advantages Of AAC Blocks

Faster construction and more plasticity

AAC blocks AAC blocks have consistent dimensions, thereby, increasing ease of laying and making the construction process fast.


Generally, structures are designed to handle perpendicular forces, similar to gravity and self-weight. Still, there are also forces, similar to those caused by earthquakes. The AAC blocks gain a high position of strength during the manufacturing process, giving continuity to the finished structure. Therefore, structures made with AAC bricks are able to handle advanced seismic loads, compared to structures with conventional bricks.

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Energy Efficient and Thermal Insulation

AAC blocks are energy-effective across their lifecycle because the manufacturing process involves lower energy consumption.


The AAC block material is non-combustible and provides fire resistance of over six hours, depending on the block consistency, and up to a thousand degrees Celsius, compared to other blocks...

Sustainable and affordable

AAC blocks are made from natural and non-toxic material and their manufacturing process generates minimal waste.

High compressive strength

The compressive strength of an AAC block


AAC blocks


The porous and lightweight structure of AAC blocks enables high sound reduction. For this reason, it is used in making hotels, hospitals, studios, etc.

Moisture resistant

Moisture content damages many structures. The low absorption of water is due to the Macro-Pores in AAC blocks. Therefore, they give better humidity protection.

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