How to Select an NFT Token Development Company?

An NFT Market – a great startup idea for 2022. Find a professional NFT token development company and start making money – non-fungible tokens are expected to become the top trend of the year.

Why is NFT so popular?

Non-fungible tokens are the perfect means of providing proof of ownership of any asset. These are unique tokens that cannot be counterfeited, thanks to the blockchain network that ensures their integrity at all times.

In the beginning, NFT technology was used in art and gaming industry, the two areas where people are eager to spend money for pleasure.

After Facebook changed its name to Meta and announced its intention to develop the metaverse, consumer giants began to venture into the NFT token industry: Nike plans to offer virtual sneakers, Adidas and Under Armor already sell their products on the market. OpenSea, while Walmart filed several digital world trademark applications on December 30 and will issue its own unique token.

The virtual world is becoming a reality, and there are still many opportunities in this market. Everything from children's drawings to works of art are becoming non-tradeable tokens.

How to Find Your Niche in the Digital Asset Market?

There are not many platforms yet to create and sell an NFT. You will need to follow several relatively simple steps, to create your own NFT marketplace. If you understand the rules of the crypto world and non-fungible tokens, it will not be a problem.

How do NFT tokens work?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a custom token. Fungible Tokens are similar to fiat money, with one currency barely different from another. Non-fungible tokens have a unique identifier and are based on smart contracts and Unlike fungible tokens, an NFT is indivisible and non-exchangeable. An NFT represents a digital certificate that proves the right of real do. Ensuring irrefutable ownership is the main objective. It is not used as a means of payment.

All non-fungible tokens store metadata, including the name, the information that they are non-tradeable and indivisible, the address on the blockchain network, a link to digital assets, etc. Using smart contracts an NFT is generated and then put up for sale. ownership of digital or world assets

What are some areas with high demand for NFTs?

The most common use case is digital art. Non-fungible tokens can be issued for any digitized drawing, piece of music or film. NFT is often used in games: There is currently a high demand for NFT token development services for items such as maps, game artifacts, and characters.

However, there are also possibilities in more traditional markets: real estate assets, investment contracts and educational platforms can be tokenized. In general, when contacting an NFT token development company, you should look at your idea from a proof of ownership perspective.

If an asset requires proof of ownership, it can be used to issue a non-fungible token.

What is an NFT market?

Anyone can store an item for sale and use it to issue a non-fungible token in

these NFT stores. To a customer, it looks like a regular online store with products sorted into certain categories.

After choosing the NFT assets, the user buys them as usual: the only difference is that a crypto wallet is used instead of a payment card. Blockchain solutions make it possible to store purchase information in a distributed network.

Currently, there are still relatively few such platforms. The most popular are OpenSea, Rarible, Superfarm and Mintable. In fact, they combine NFT token development services and online stores to sell such items.

NFT development protocols

As a rule, a development company offers to develop an NFT based on various blockchain protocols and platforms.


The identification process of this protocol is based on the Ethereum blockchain network. The function used to transfer non-fungible digital assets is transferFrom. To sell a standardized product multiple times, it is necessary to issue multiple smart contracts.


Unlike the previous protocol, this one does not offer separate single NFT assets, but rather an entire class of tokens. It can be useful for selling multiple items: instead of creating a unique non-fungible token for each asset, simply issue a smart contract and specify the number of items.


The BSC Blockchain is based on the Binance Smart Chain. It is compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine and is used to issue a smart contract. Specific NFT modifications (BEP-721 and BEP-1155) have been created to ensure compatibility with the protocols mentioned above.

The TRON Blockchain

TRC-721 crypto tokens are fully compatible with an ERC721 token. The TRON network became a popular platform for developing non-fungible tokens due to low fees.

What are the services provided by NFT token developers?

An NFT token development company typically offers a full range of NFT development services, from preparing technical specifications to providing technical support and marketing services. A comprehensive approach to a project ensures higher quality and speed of execution.

You can contact blockchainx to apply for any project related to blockchain and NFT. Our well-coordinated team of professionals will set up an NFT market step by step, implement it and provide technical support. We provide a complete set of immediate solution services

The idea of the development of NFT

As a general rule, the client should provide only the general description of an idea.

The main criterion that determines the possibility of the development of NFT tokens is the need to prove the right of ownership of digital or tangible assets. Experienced NFT token developers are well versed in blockchain technology and can help choose the best option for platform implementation.


You can choose an NFT token development company with its own platform or commission someone to build a platform from scratch that fits your requirements.

The second option comes with much higher costs. If an NFT developer has a native NTV platform, non-fungible token development services will certainly include integration, configuration, and an API that allows the user to expand the platform's features according to individual needs.

Technical support

Any software product can fail at some point.

The development of NFT tokens is no exception. That is why services should include the option to contact technical support and get help at any time.

Development of a unique user interface

Regardless of the protocol you choose, the user interface is an important factor that plays a major role in ensuring the success of your business.

Sales must be quick and easy. Of course, the interface must also have a unique design.

Integration of External Wallets

Many customers fear that creating a new wallet can be inconvenient.

The more wallets, the greater the chance of losing virtual assets; after all, users often lose keys and forget passwords. That is why the integration of popular cryptocurrency storage wallets is a rational solution to make the platform more convenient.


Since the development of NFT tokens always takes place in a decentralized network, the tokens are protected from hackers by the blockchain technology itself.

However, the platform must also be protected. This is an important element of the cryptocurrency business.

marketing services

If your startup company is promoted by marketing experts, business revenue will come faster.

For example, before providing a complete solution for your idea, Blockchainx conducts a comprehensive marketing study and implements its results in the development of the NFT token and the configuration of the platform.

What are the necessary characteristics of a market for decentralized non-fungible tokens?

So far, there are no established user standards. The platform must offer a digital asset for purchase in a familiar way to customers. This will include browsing product categories, comprehensive product cards, and helpful filters.

Search Engine

The search engine is designed for users who are looking for NFTs and who already know what they would like to buy. This helps them choose and purchase items faster.

Authorization / Registration System

Some personal information to buy or sell an item must be provided by the user. Websites based on blockchain technology often allow users to log in with a wallet. Many platforms offer registration through the use of a mobile phone number, email address, or social media accounts.

A Module for Posting Articles

There should be an easy and convenient process to upload an item and put it up for sale for anyone who wants to create a non-fungible token on your platform.

user area

A registered user must be able to see the history of sales and purchases, change their data and connect a wallet.

An Evaluation and Qualification System

This service will allow users to choose products and at the same time create the usual experience of shopping in an online store.

Customer Support

Preferably, it should work 24 hours a day because the NFT industry knows no boundaries, with users living in multiple time zones.

Administration Module

This includes a monitoring panel, smart contract auditing, options to resolve technical issues, etc.


You can always create your own wallet to store crypto, but it's better to integrate an NFT platform with existing wallet services like MetaMask.

How to choose a contractor for the development of non-fungible tokens

The NFT token development process begins with setting up a task. You must ensure that this is specified in the description of non-fungible token development services. The client generates an idea which is then elaborated and described by the NFT token developers based on the choice of technology and marketing methods.

Customer reviews are essential criterion for choosing NFT token developers. The most reliable reviews can be found in topic-specific forums and communities. The length of experience is not as important because the industry is still new. The contractor must ensure the transparency of various stages of the development of the NFT token and establish a market. The client cannot simply bring an idea and forget about it. As a stakeholder, the customer must track the implementation process.

Particular attention is paid to NFT technology and tools. It is a good sign that the NFT development company suggests several options to optimize your idea. To do this, your programming team must be very familiar with various networks and understand all the available protocols. The best option for some startups may be TRON.

Before signing a final contract for the development of NFT, you must verify the quality of the support service. It must always be available.

Other criteria include:

The options of conducting auction sales and selling items at a fixed price.

Support dApps (applications for a decentralized ecosystem), auditing of smart contracts and protocols.

Be aware of SEC requirements when implementing a system. Until an NFT law is adopted, these requirements are crucial to avoid penalties.

The non-fungible token development process

Here at Blockchainx, we always take the logical approach where at each new stage, we ensure information support for the previous stages. This allows us to reduce development time and significantly improve the quality of our products.

Step 1. Project Launch

Your idea, its feasibility, and potential will be evaluated by a team of an NFT development company. Our experts help programmers and designers set goals and prepare technical specifications.

Step 2. Planning

This is the stage for choosing NFT development solutions. Visual interfaces are designed. The developers discuss the technical aspects that will be more difficult to change in later stages.

Step 3. Developing a Platform for Non-Fungible Token Products

The non-fungible token development company implements his idea. The development of non-fungible tokens often follows the Agile method, where the first step is to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) as soon as possible. This product allows developers to test basic hypotheses, detect deficiencies and correct them. Subsequently, the platform is progressively developed by adding new features in order of importance. This allows developers to launch the project faster.

Step 4. Test

This is a necessary step that consists of checking the product for any errors.

Step 5. Deploy

If the client does not have its own server equipment, a platform is usually deployed on a cloud infrastructure. To find the best option to implement your platform, contact NFT token developers.

How much does NFT market development cost?

The initial costs are quite high. NFT token development services and the creation of an exchange platform are quite expensive. The price range starts at around $40,000. However, you can only find out the real price after discussing the details because there are many aspects that can increase or decrease the implementation costs.

Some NFT token developers price according to features or modules, and others request to be paid by the hour. Contact a company's development manager for more information on costs.

Compared to development costs, hosting and cloud services are not that expensive. You'll also need to take care of marketing up front. It is known that for every dollar spent on advertising, about 10 dollars can be earned. That is why it is always a good idea to find a good marketing consultant or even a team of experts.

The total costs of the project depend on the number of experts whose services you would like to use. These include designers, programmers, security personnel, and marketing consultants. Usually, ordering a full package of development services from NFT helps to save some money.

How do recover the costs of developing NFT tokens?

The monetization process depends on the type of project. For an NFT market, the return on investments is quite simple: the seller, the buyer or both pay a fee for each transaction. This is particularly profitable in the case of expensive crypto-collectibles and auction goods where prices can increase 10-fold.

If services are offered, you can enter a subscription plan or a fee for posting ads. Users can also pay to use some unique features of the platform.

Many marketplaces also offer digital asset sellers to pay to have their items appear above other listings.

For an existing business, the development of NFT empowers the organization of transactions without intermediaries and unnecessary audits. Costs are offset by business process optimization and time savings.

It's hard to forecast the payback time of an NFT project, but the sooner you launch it, the less competition there will be. The existing demand for non-fungible tokens allows new market players to start making money quite quickly.


NFT tokens have many advantages over other means of proving irrefutable authenticity and ownership.

Information stored on a blockchain platform is protected from forgery, copying, or modification.

Transaction transparency allows users to track a non-fungible token throughout its lifecycle.

Encryption protects data from unauthorized changes.

This allows authors, collectors, players and financial market participants to feel safe.

Also, the tokens can be used to earn money and are in high demand. Now is the best time for you to enter the world of NFTs.

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