How do I get claim from Brussels Airlines?

Get an easy guide to claim from Brussels Airlines

Whether your flight gets delayed or cancelled? You don't need to worry. Unless the reason is not extraordinary, you can get a claim from the airline anytime. If this is the first time and you don't know how to claim? Here you can follow a quick procedure below.

Follow the procedure below to claim from Brussels Airlines.

You need to go to the official site of Brussels airlines 

There locate the contact us link at the bottom under the section get in touch with us

On the support page, you need to locate the section 'Voice a concern.'

You can select whether your claim is before the flight or during, or after the flight. 

Select a topic from the drop-down list for which you want to raise the claim

You can then follow the self-explanatory guided instruction on the screen to submit your claim.

The airline will verify it and provide the refund to your original payment mode.

You can also call the airline directly to discuss your claim issues. The airline provides several contact information on its customer support page; you can pick the most appropriate number.

 Besides, you can also send an email to the airline at its customer relations email address. You can find out the details on the support page.

how do I get a claim from Brussels Airlines?

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