A Gentleman's Dignity ep 20 LIVE RECAP

The last episode is finally here Me ahri and Yoon wedding day WIll the Jungrok and Minsong couple finally reconcile? And what happened to Sera? And the long awaiting Yisoo and dojin final TONIGHT LIVE!!!!! CAST: Jang Dong Gun as Kim Do Jin Kim Ha Neul as So Yi Soo Kim Su Ro as Im Tee san Kim Min Jong as Choi Yun(Yoon) Lee Jong Hyuk as Lee Jung Rok Yun See Ya as Hong Se Ra Yun Jin Yi as Im Me Ahri Kim Jong Nan as Park Min Song ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Live recap start now Opening scene The 4 guys was back in high school. Teesan and Dojin was having an argument almost a fight. Jungrok also threatened Yoon who was loser in school. The 4 guys found themselves in the field fighting each other. In the end they get tired and remembering why did they get in fight. without reason they got fight and start their friendship. Collin, Yisoo fave student and one of their friend was called by the student whom they helped last time. The boys want to say thank you for the help and sorry for the trouble his mom made the last time. they almost got caught for being in the rooftop which was prohibited. But they managed to avoid it together Dojin and Yoon got into the bar but still try to find out the girls's room. but they look at the waiter delivering the most expensive alcohol in one room. when the waiter was about the send some guys in the room, the guys saw it and stopped them. Instead they got in and introduced themselves. one by one the man got mad to each of their woman. But Jungrok in the end ask them to sing together, and confused the other 3 guys The girls decided to ignore the guys and go dancing. the 3 guys (minus Jungrok) watched their woman dancing. Dojin took Yisoo out from the dance floor. Teesan and yoon give the signal to the girls to take off too. Minsong who arived late left alone and was found by Jungrok. Jungrok put some earphone to Minsong and they hear the macarena song together. They both dance to the song which make them a show in the dance floor. Yisoo who stepped aside with dojin was in argument. yisoo ask if Dojin didn't believe her. Dojin said he believe her but not believe the guy around her. Yisoo who was touched by Dojin put her hand is Dojin's shoulder and kiss him. dojin stopped her and said only this time. Then continued their kiss. Dojin and Teesan meet with some important client. they introduce one apartment which is their best work. The clients was satisfied and signed contract. Dojin went to Jungrok's cafe to ask him celebrate together. they talked about yoon and ahri who was on the way to meet Ahri's mother since her mother may not give permission. the mother want Teesan to get married first. Teesan was accompanying sera who prepared herself for another competition. Ahri is watching Collin who is working with his frined. Ahri come and told Collin to sing a congratulatory song. collin look unhappy but Ahri just stay cool and told him to sing it anyway. Yoon went to his ex wife cremation place. he said he is sorry but now he is getting happy with Ahri. he put his ring next to his ex wife photo. Ahri and Yoon is looking at the wedding hall, an open park. Ahri told Yoon to win her parents heart, they have to get children first. On the wedding day. Ahri and Yoon was saying a special vow, like not drink, doing sport regulary, etc. collin sing the congratulate song. Jungrok see Minsong finger minus ring sadly. finally the party finish. Ahri is preparing herself after party. But when she get out of the room, she found Yoon was drinking with 3 other guys. they ended up sleeping to drunk in Ahri's first night. Ahri tried to wake them up to send them off but none of them got up. Teesan and dojin was in their way to baseball competition after send Ahri and Yoon to their honeymoon. they took their company staff to join the game. Dojin asked about Yisoo who was the referee. Teesan told him she must be early since there is interview. Yisoo was in interview when Dojin come. The last question is wheter she got boyfriend or not. yisoo was thinking a while, but then Dojin put his hand up. yisoo said yes and say few word about Dojin and say she like him and wish he know too. yisoo was remembering some line while Dojin watching from side. dojin stop him and told him he also know yisoo like him. Dojin told Yisoo take he become the pitcher. yisoo was surprised. Dojin was a bad pictcher made the other team homerun. Minsong was actually watching from the side. Teesan pulled Dojin and Jungrok aside. After that Dojin hit the other team and made a fight when they get back to Yisoo's room. Yisoo got mad to Dojin and try to train Dojin. But Yisoo finished it quickly. dojin finished his art work for his proposal. Dojin remembered the time when he proposed yisoo, but Yisoo always took it lightly first he give Yisoo candy. second hairband/tiara.Dojin said he will propose until she accept his proposal. third time,Yisoo told him to get serious and not kid about porposing. Dojin said sorry. The third presnt which was opened by Yisoo in her room was dress. the presents was one set, Dress, tiara, lipstick and candy bouquet. yisoo tried them on and took her own photo.At that time, Ahri give her call . All of them went to Ahri and Yoon new house after honeymoon. Everyone asked if they had fun. AHri said they can't get out from the hotel. Teesan took care Yoon specially. Ahri also did it. It made Jungrok and Dojin got jealous. Yoon who got trouble to see the words in his handphone got played by Jungrok and Dojin saying it was old guy sick. Teesan asked Yoon to go to hospital. In the hospital, teesan and yoon was confirmed that Yoon's eye problem was caused by his age. They tried to prevent Yoon's oldness. Jungrok told the news to Minsong and then Jungrok asked Minsong about their relationship. Minsong said they are in held divorece term. Minsong give up her divorce plan. But Minsong said she give up in having children and give Jungrok adoption brochure. Jungrok was touched and said i love you to Minsong. Yisoo meet with Ahri who was studying how to make bag. they went to see some furniture. and Ahri choose her wedding gift. yisoo asked her marriage life and Ahri said she was happy. Ahri give Yisoo the high school book which was requested by Yisoo. Yisoo also asked the house password(which was 1133, just because the guys was too lazy to touch the below number. yisoo see the high school book then mark the one side love rule which was done by her all. Yisoo sent Dojin her picture on the dress . curious with no answer, Yisoo called and Dojin confirmed he accept it. Yisoo asked if he's angry and Dojin just answered coldly. Dojin who was in meeting told the staff they had big project. Teesan was in phone with Sera after finishing her game successfully. sera suddenly fainted and Teesan met him in the hospital. the doctor said tiredness from pregnancy. Teesan got surprised and congratulate her. Sera said she want to give birth first then get married with amazing body. sera was in shock but Teesan was in happy mood. After finishing his field work reject the director invite since he has important meeting. Yisoo and Dojin meet up but Yisoo was still in bad mood. Dojin asked her to take time tomorrow since the 4 guys will take picture together. It's their tradition every 10 years, and this time they want to take with their couple. Yisoo said how about if they broke up. Yisoo finally said she feel worried and Dojin said how many times he asked her to live together. Dojin put her pen to the comp, and come out word which dojin ask her to live together and got married. Suddenly ahri and yoon, Teesan and sera the minsong and Jungrok come dance to porpose her in "lee seng gi's song "will u marry me" At the end of the song, Dojin come with the flower and the art he made It was a picture of the house made from the red sweater threat. Dojin said let's live in the house he build for her. Yisoo was crying, Dojin get down on one knee and say"will u marry me" Yisoo said " off course" they hug and the other guys said "kiss..." Yisoo and dojin kiss Yisoo fave student said to collin "u said ur first love was taken by your father's friend, well my first love is taken by your father" yisoo put a flower in Dojin's suit and said " i love you, kim do jin" the 4 couple was in party mood in order to take the picture. First the guys will take picture. The woman was busy taking care the man to look better. The 4 guys took the picture with no shoes, then with all the woman . THE END Closing scene yisoo and Dojin was in bed together. yisoo said she was surprised to find Dojin on his side after wake up. Dojin said "me too ", yisoo said " i love you" Dojin also said "me too"

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