Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Perfect for going on toast to start your morning! Ingredients 1½ c hazelnuts, skinned 1-2 tbsp hazelnut or vegetable oil ¾ c powdered sugar 2 tbsp high-quality cocoa powder 2 tbsp soy powder ¼ tsp vanilla Instructions Toast hazelnuts in oven (or toaster oven) at 350° for ~20 minutes, tossing them frequently so as not to burn the nuts. While still hot, grind in a blender until nuts break down into nut butter, adding vanilla and a little oil during the blending process. Once a coarse nut butter has been formed, add cocoa powder, powdered sugar, and soy powder, adding more oil as needed. Blend until spread reaches desired consistency. Notes The longer you blend, the smoother and thinner the spread will become. Grind for a shorter period of time or add more powdered sugar for a thicker spread.

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