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Mobile APP Testing

Our Mobile App testing service lets you test your app through a broad range of devices that includes, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, One Plus, Google Pixel, Motorola, Nokia, etc. across screen size, resolution, and OS (ranging from Android 4.4 to 11 and iOS 8 to 14). Qualibar provides various device features like GPS, network simulation, localization, etc. to recreate real-world situations for in-depth app testing. And the list keeps increasing.

Mobile APP’s Testing Process that we follow:

User Experience Testing

Usability Testing

Functional Testing

Security Testing

Performance Testing

Device and Platform Testing

Browser Testing

Qualibar offers a seamless browser testing experience for the digital accuracy of your applications. Our Browser Testing service lets you remotely test and debug mobile, web, audio, and video applications on n-number of devices of various screen sizes, screen resolutions, OS versions, and browser versions, around the globe, while keeping it swift, smooth and reliable throughout the software development process.

Our Browser Testing Process:

Determine Statistics

Analyze Application under Test

Decide the Way of Testing

Execute Test

Record and Report

API Testing

APIs are the connecting threads between different systems or layers of an application. It is one of the most important layers of an app as it holds the main business logic- the protocol of how users can communicate with services, data, or functions of the app. As a result, it becomes imperative that these APIs are tested thoroughly in order to avoid unwarranted errors. At Qualibar, we provide a broad range of top-grade API Testing services to ensure a highly powerful software application for your business.

Our API Testing Services:

Automated API Testing

Functionality Testing

Reliability Testing

Load Testing

Security Testing

Negative Testing

OTT Testing

With the advent of direct-to-consumer models, conventional video service providers are switching to Over-The-Top (OTT) services. This immense shift requires thorough testing of OTT media service applications along with the related network components. Qualibar is here to provide you with advanced OTT Testing services for impeccable content delivery and exceptional user experience.

OTT APP’s Testing Process:

Understand the Languages and Tools

Understand the Source Code

Write Test Cases for Every Flow

Execute Test Cases

Analyze and Record the Results

IOT Testing

Internet of Things is transforming the way consumers are interacting with modern technology, making it extremely important for manufacturers to ensure seamless performance of their products, which in turn requires end-to-end testing functionality of varied devices across platforms. Qualibar makes sure that your product is well received by the consumers and performs glitch-free by testing the every possible use case under real-life scenarios.

OTT APP’s Testing Process:

Understand the Languages and Tools

Understand the Source Code

Write Test Cases for Every Flow

Execute Test Cases

Analyses and Record the Results

AI & ML Intelligent Test Automation

The AI & ML technologies in this digital age demand innovative methods of software testing because of a paradigm-shifting dimension to the Software Testing domain. Testing these modern platforms warrants organizations to ensure necessary security measures for business application paradigm-shifting. At Qualibar, we assist companies to simplify such complex processes by providing testing services to increase their ROI.

Latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies We Use:

Data Visualization

Feature Selection and Reduction

Data Verification

Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning

Data Wrangling and Pre-Processing

Performance Testing

Qualibar guarantees reliability, reactiveness and uninterrupted performance of your software products or critical applications, which are of utmost importance for the success of your business. We help you determine how your applications work under varying loads and find solutions to all the existing bottlenecks. We offer varied range of Performance Testing services spanning across multiple domains and platforms, like, mobile, desktop, web, cloud and analytics.

Types of Performance testing services we offer:

Load Testing

Endurance Testing

Stress Testing

Scalability Testing

Spike Testing

Volume Testing

Data Integrity Testing

This digital era demands highest quality data that has the capacity of turning numbers into decisions. Qualibar provides unparalleled Data Integrity Testing service for your critical business operations by making sure that your data reaches you flawless as it moves from a source to your destination systems.

Get all the features you need to ensure data integrity:

True end-to-end data testing

Tailored data tests

Model-based test automation

Risk-based prioritization

Actionable data quality reports

DataOps/DevOps integration

Black Box & White Box Testing

Qualibar provides an extra edge by enabling you and your developers to keep your code flawless and functionalities under control that makes your software fast, steady and secure. Our Black Box and White Box Testing services allow you to spot hidden and minute errors, detect unsteady responses and functional inconsistencies. Give your users a seamless experience by making sure your software works without a glitch.

Our Testing Process:

Understand the Languages and Tools

Understand the Source Code

Write Test Cases for Every Flow

Execute Test Cases

Analyses and Record the Results

Testing Automation (CI/CD Integration)

Testing Automation has become an integral part of every software development process for reducing regression testing time and significant cost saving. At Qualibar, we assist you with your business objectives by drafting an automation strategy that lines up with your enterprise goals. Our framework helps test the functioning of various API & Cloud-based apps, micro services and service-oriented architectures to cater to all your business needs.

Our Automation Testing Process:

Analysis and Define Scope

Test Script Development

Framework Analysis

Result Analysis

Test Data Creation

Support and Maintenance

Test Data Creation

Support and Maintenance

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