Motion of How Pitch for Bass

Lets look at where and when to pitch to cover. If (and I usually am) I'm using a spinning reel, I usually just open it up and let enough line dangle--usually around 6 or so feet, less if I'm sitting. Then, I hold the rod in front and slighty to my right (that's my rod hand). I point the tip up to about 11 o'clock. With a gentle roll of the wrist, I can rock the lure back and forth in a little arc. Drop the tip on the backward roll, reverse it and jut your hand out ahead of you. I roll my wrist/forearm far forward in an underhanded manner to reverse the arc and accelerate the lure forward so it travels not far above the water's surface in a trajectory towards the target cover. In the best conditions, I hold the boat about 25-30 feet away from cover and start pitching. I rarely have a problem hitting a one foot target space. Check the video to see this kind of pitching in action (it really is hard to put into words I've realized).

I like to spend my weekends with the family for a ball game, or taking my kids out fishing.
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