MBBS can be a foundation for building a solid career in non-clinical fields too

It may come as a surprise to many that after doing MBBS, you can do several other things than being a doctor. However, MBBS aspirants would know that many other options are available after MBBS other than clinical practices or teaching. When it comes to career options, the sky's the limit when you have your MBBS degree.

MBBS is a strong foundation for non-clinical fields. You can explore the options such as medical communication, hospital management, medical writing, technology etc. The world is waiting for medical graduates to take up roles as medical experts for sportsmen or in pharma companies, advertising agencies, and consultancies. You can take a look at the various career options that you may have lined up for you.

1. Specialisation


2. International Education


3. Defence Services

Opting for the armed forces can be a great option if you wish to wear the uniform. Look out for vacancies, and after an interview and medical check-up, you can get into the army/ air force or the navy.

4. MBA

Similar to MBA courses, MBA in the medical field focuses completely on the medical sector. You can pursue an MBA in:

a. Health Administration

b. Healthcare Management

c. Medical Management

5. Research

For many who seek MBBS admission, research is the goal. Institutions such as AIIMS and ICMR offer various research programmes. You can opt for a Master's in Public Health or also go for MD in Preventive & Social Medicine.

An MBBS admission is regarded to be an educational milestone. However, often due to a lack of enough PG seats or other circumstances, many MBBS students halt their ambitions. Having a plan B that caters to diverse career options must be deliberated upon. The options are galore; you just need to analyse each option, understand your strengths and align the choices with your interest. The aim is to make a well-informed decision.

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