Neurologist In Shivaji Nagar Pune

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The medical history of the patient is taken by our neurologists in the beginning of the treatment, followed by a physical examination. The examination helps us evaluate the condition of the patient’s nervous system on the basis of the following factors:cognitive function, cranial nerves, motor, sensory reflexes, and coordination. Some of the common neurological conditions treated at the department are:

Chronic headaches




Epilepsy (seizures)

Attention deficit (hyperactivity disorder)

Parkinson’s disease


Sleep disorders

Neuromuscular disease

Multiple sclerosis

Strokes(CVA) with CPA therapy/FCH

Botox therapy/ Movement disorder

Treatment plans differ from patient to patient depending upon the type of neurological disorder. Patients are often referred to a physiotherapist, speech therapist, or psychotherapist; put on medications; advised on lifestyle modifications; or referred to a neurosurgeon when a surgery is needed.

De-Novo Health Care.

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