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PMP Certification

PMP certification

PMP certification exam

Suggestions to start PMP Exam Preparation

PMP is one of the fastest-growing certifications across the world. Despite huge competition for certification among people. You can still master the exam with the appropriate amount of effort, guidance, and dedication. We provide a systematic approach to clearing the exam and earning a PMP certification. 





PMP Certification Course Curriculum

five steps in Project Management

1. Initiating

2. Planning

3. Executing

4. Monitoring

5. Closing

Along with these major steps, the curriculum also includes nine modules named as 

1. Project Integration

2. Project Time Management

3. Project Scope

4. Project Cost

5. HR Management

6. Quality Management

7. Communication

8. Procurement

9. Risk Management

PMP certification gets designed to encompass all and a very thorough study of the particular field.

Completing the modules and grabbing thorough knowledge would complete the PMP Certification.

When becoming a Project Manager, PMP certification is a must that helps you to remain competitive in this field. 

Getting recognized by your certification in your job will assure you with better job security and adds value to the employer as a certified employee apart from uncertified employees. 

Top PMP Exam Tips

1.Conquer the PMBOK® Guide

PMP exam has its basis on the PMBOK® guide. Make this book your PMP guide and plan to go through one set of the area every week. PMBOK will help you in getting understand other topics more clearly.

Make it a habit and study one process daily. Memorizing is not sufficient; make some efforts to understand the concepts properly and study them with full dedication. PMBOK is critical, and it will test how well you have applied these concepts, principles, and ideas. 

So many queries are there that have long descriptions of a problem. Yet, they include sufficient information to attain the best answer for your issue and reach you with irrelevant information. 

After finishing reading a section once, take a break and record it, and then you will understand it much better with every reading part, and the more you read better, it will absorb in your mind.

2.Use a good PMP Prep Book

A good book for PMP Preparation is a must. The top authors are Rita Mulcahy and Andy Crowe. PMP exam prep gets loaded with the difficult questions and answers inserted to test your knowledge of the candidate's ability to apply the learning in difficult and real-life scenarios.

Studying for the PMP exam to acquire the best knowledge takes up an essential amount of time, and it requires a great deal of commitment.

Good preparation for your exam will help you understand and make preparation easier.

3.Try PMP Exam Prep Workshops

Workshops are the best choice for exam preparation. Suppose you prefer the classroom settings or require more on to one interaction. The benefit of workshops is that they usually fulfill the 35 hours requirement, that's an essential condition for applying to take the PMP exam.

4.Try online PMP Exam Prep Workshops

PMP exam prep courses

5.Take great advantage of online PMP Exam Simulators

PMP exam simulators are the practice tests for PMP exams hosted online. It tests the candidate's ability with the questions that follow the same format as the actual PMP exam. Their main aim is to repeat the exam environment that makes you more familiar and comfortable with the timing and the pressure. It is a great way to enhance your preparation for the exam.

6.Remember flashcards

Electronic flashcards are very cost-effective, mobile, and the true way of studying for the PMP exam. Flashcards are downloadable and can get flipped through on the computer or their smartphones, or they can also get printed. Creating your flashcards is also immensely helpful during exam preparation.

7.Participating in study groups and discussion forums

These groups and forums help prepare for the PMP certification exam. With active participation in these groups and forums, you can also help other participants pass the exam, get your concerns addressed and answer the queries, learn several resources, and reduce the time required for the overall exam preparation. 

Project Management Training Online Is Available

PMP Training in Dubai

Project Management Professional Certification

In many places, the questions involved in the test go beyond the majority of actual contents of PMP certification

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