SBS Panchamin Syrup - Best Ayurvedic Digestive Syrup In India

SBS Panchamin syrup is the best Ayurvedic digestive syrup in India. It is a herbal digestive syrup formulated with a formula of organic herbs that help in digestion. This Ayurvedic antacid syrup gives relief from gas and acidity. This syrup for digestion works from the roots to resolve digestive issues. Try this best Ayurvedic syrup for digestion to improve your metabolism and detox your body. Try the Panchamin digestive syrup to get rid of flatulence and constipation. Visit our website:

SBS Herbal is an online ayurvedic and herbal care product store in India offering a wide variety of syrups, powders, juices, teas, oils and other selectively sourced products. Our in-house herb extraction unit guarantees purity and satisfaction of assured quality. To know more information visit us @
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