T-ara’s Soyeon is taken to Seoul in a neck pad after the car accident

T-ara’s Soyeon is now being taken to Seoul in a neck pad. On August 13 around 12:30 p.m., Core Contents Media, Soyeon’s agency, reported, “Soyeon was given first aid at a hospital in Gumi and is currently being taken to Seoul. She will have a thorough medical checkup at a hospital in Seoul.” In some pictures that Starnews exclusively obtained, Soyeon is lying on the hospital bed in a neck pad. It looks like she’s suffering from pain. Core Contents Media says, “It doesn’t seem like Soyeon is seriously injured, but she’s been very scared ever since the accident. She’s complaining of pain in the neck, the shoulders, and the back. We canceled the shooting of Haeundae Lovers for today. The shooting will be rescheduled depending on Soyeon’s condition, but Soyeon has strong will to start working again very soon.” Soyeon was on her way to Busan to shoot KBS 2TV’s drama series Haeundae Lovers around 6:00 a.m. and got into an accident as the car she was in skidded in the rain, crashed into the guardrail, and overturned. Soyeon and her manager and stylist were in the car, and they were immediately taken to the nearest hospital. After receiving first aid, they had thorough medical checkups. Soyeon is currently playing the role of Lee Kwan Soon, a spoiled sister of Go Sora (played by Jo Yeo Jung) in Haeundae Lovers. Source: Starnews

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