What Is KML and How Do I Import/Export It?

What are KML Files and Why Do You Need Them?

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What are KMZ files and how do I use them?

KML-zipped files are known as KMZ files. Because it is a compressed version of the KML files, this is the default format for the KML. One of the nicest and most powerful characteristics of the KMZ file is that it allows you to use any graphic you want in your description, including custom icons that can be bundled up within the KMZ files. In this method, you can communicate these details without referencing them via the internet link. The file size of KMZ files without graphics is substantially smaller than that of KML files.

measure a distance between two coordinates


There are currently a plethora of apps available for download on the internet. A distinct file extension is used to transfer certain sorts of data. The two file extensions for geographical locations are KML and KMZ. Although Google Maps is the most popular tool everyone uses to view KML files, there are other apps that provide similar results as well.

Google EarthGoogle Maps

Both KML and KMZ files can be opened and converted with ease.

The KML file can be opened in Google Maps, Google Earth, and the Converter App, but the KMZ file cannot.

The KMZ file must be unzipped before use, whereas the KML file does not.

Large files require more storage in the .kml extension, whereas the kml can handle smaller files.

How to Use the KML Converter and Viewer


How Do I Import and Export a KML (Keyhole Markup Language) File?

The KML viewer and converter tools are simple to use and convert your file in a short amount of time. The next steps will show you how to utilize the KML viewer and converter. Import your KML file from Dropbox or a Google Drive folder. Many of your KML files are available at this point, and you can select any one of them. When you select your file, you will be able to see an instant preview of how it will appear. To convert the file, select one of the following formats: KML to KMZ, GPX, Geojson, Topojson, CSV, or KML. Now simply click on share to complete your task. You can easily convert your file to an adaptive file format using those simple procedures.

What Formats Can KML Be Converted To?

Convert KML files to KMZ files (Keyhole Markup Language Zipped).

KML to GPX Converter (GPS Exchange Format)

Convert a KML file to a GeoJSON file (Geographical JSON)

Convert KML to TopoJson

Convert a KML file to a CSV file (Comma Separated Value).

Final Thoughts

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