How to reactivate Facebook Account?

Facebook is undoubtedly a need for everyone in the present world. Now because of personal reasons only. But even because of professional reasons. Many businesses are being run through Facebook. So, if you have lost access to your Facebook account. Then follow the directions ahead.

How to recover the Facebook account:

How to recover old Facebook account?

* Get on the login page of Facebook. 

* Now select the option of “Forgot password.” 

* You’ll be moved to a new page. That is going to be the password verification page. 

From that page, you need to select the option of verification. 

* Once you have chosen the verification step, you can proceed further with the information below. 

Via text:

* Once you have selected the option of text. Then you will receive the security code on your registered number.

* Enter the verification code on the verification page. 

* Now you’ll be moved to the password reset page. 

* Once you have created a new password and set it up. Then you will be able to log in with the new password. 

Via security question:

* After selecting this option, you need to answer the question you set up while creating the account. 

* That is it. Now create a new password and log in with it. 

Hopefully, your query regarding the recovery of the Facebook account is resolved. 

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