Talking Body Chapter Eleven [+18]

Chapter 11

There was something about being away from city life and enjoying nature that just seemed to make the world stop. Ji Su felt this every time they went camping. For the past two days since they arrived, Ji Su made a habit of waking up every morning to walk along the beach of the lake with her shoes in hand. She collected her thoughts about the upcoming summer show, her stalker, and Jungkook.

He has been so sweet not pushing her into revealing the real reason for the pause in their relationship. He has been more of a friend that was waiting to listen when she was ready to talk. Ji Su defiantly wanted to run up to him and just give him her heart, but she was scared yet again if he would judge her about her past. She knows that he can manage it but with his life being threatened she was not going to take any chances. When he showed up that morning with bruises and cuts all over his face, she thought that threat became real.

Taking a deep breath, Ji Su sat down on the sand as the wind gently blew waves onto the shore. The sun was slowly rising when a figure sat down next to her. Glancing over to her right to see who it was, a smile quirked up seeing Mi Sun.

“Figured I could join you with your morning walk and maybe chat about anything and everything.” Mi Sun nudged her while she spoke.

“I’ll take it.” Ji Su agreed and both women were up and walking.

“So, I figured I would tell you know that I will not be here tonight. Jin’s parents want to go out to a celebratory dinner and talk wedding stuff.” Mi Sun shared.

Ji Su nodded, “Isn’t there a storm coming in tonight though?” she questioned.

“That is another thing, Jin and will be spending the night someplace else. As far that I know the only people, from our little group that will be here on our camp site, are you and Jungkook.” Mi Su glanced over at Ji Su in hopes she did not stop at the mention of Jungkook’s name. “I hope that is fine. Jungkook and you can keep each other company while everyone else is away.” Mi Sun teased her.

“If you are suggesting that I tell him about the threat on his life and about the other letters you guessed wrong.” Two more letters showed up before they left for the camping trip. More threats on Jungkook’s life and reminders of what he did to her. Her list of suspects was just one, Jae. Deep down she was hoping that he was not the one. In her heart she told herself it is not him. Her mind said the opposite.

“No just have dinner, play some games, maybe release some of that stress.” Mi Sun suggested.

Ji Su looked at her and then away shaking her head. When she looked back up, she spotted him. The shirt in his waist of his shorts. His chest glistened with sweat and his tattoos shown with pride. Sub contently she licked her lips at the sight of him and then stopped realizing what she did. “Don’t say anything about what you just saw.” She threatened Mi Sun.

Mi Sun just giggled and mumbled. “Sure thing.”

They continued with their walk when Jungkook rugged past them, “Good morning beautiful ladies!” he shouted running backwards winking at them.

“Shameless flirt!” Mi Sun shouted back at him, and his reply was a thumbs up as he continued with his morning run. Both women giggled and continued with their morning walk.


Mi Sun walked Ji Su back to her cabin telling her that Jin put some fresh ingredients in her refrigerator and that Jungkook was notified to be over for dinner. Ji Su closed her eyes irradiated but proud that her friend decided to make Ji Su’s love life her main task.

“Thanks, I guess I have to go and figure out what to make for dinner tonight.” Ji Su walked up the steps to the cabin’s porch.

“Just make dinner and enjoy each other’s company. I know you are not ready to tell him, but I know with him around you, you feel safe.” Mi Sun stated before waving goodbye and heading down the path to her cabin.

Ji Su walked in and put her shoes by the door and her jacket on the hook. She took her time to shower, change into black leggings and a coral t shirt with a sweater cardigan. She did not bother with makeup and accessories besides her ring from her grandmother. Putting her hair up she went into the kitchen to see what Jin brought over for her. Opening the fridge, she smiled seeing that his mother made kimchi and other side dishes. There was pork, garlic, anchovy stock, zucchini, carrots, onions, mussels, shrimp, scallops, and a few more things to make Jjamppong. A spicy seafood noodle soup.

Looking at the time, Ji Su made a metal note to start making the soup around 5:30. Should be enough time to make and be done by the time Jungkook shows up. So, Ji Su went over to the living room and worked on future designs. When she got bored of that, she walked over to the bookcases that lined the southside of the living room wall and looked for a book to read. She found one but once she opened it, she could not bring herself to read it.

Sighing, she placed the book back and walked to the door to look outside. As if he knew she was waiting for him, he appeared in her line of vision. Ji Su’s heart thundered at the sight of him wearing a simple gray t-shirt with a plaid shirt in one hand, and jeans with premade holes. He was even carrying flowers in his other hand. Just the sight of him was making her fall for him. When he walked up the steps, she opened the door.

“You’re early.” She stated.

“Well, there was no specific time set and I figured you were bored.” He was now standing in front of her, giving her enough space to breathe.

“You thought I was bored?” she asked.

She watched him take a step closer. “Well, I was just taking a guess at it, but if you weren’t I know that I was.” He then handed her the flowers. “I also figured since you and I are spending an evening together I should bring a gift. Did you know there was a flower shop just down the way on the beach?”

Ji Su shook her head no as she took the flowers and brought them to her nose to smell them. They were lovely and it did not overpower in scent, especially his. She moved out of the way to allow him in. Once he was in, she went to the kitchen to look for a vase or something the resembled one. She knew he was watching her, and it made her skin tingle.

“So, what do you want to do?” She asked him to find a vase. She took the flowers, cut an angle at the ends, and placed them in before adding water.

Jungkook leaned on one of the bar stools and spoke. “Are there board games?”

“I think so. Might be in that closet there.” She put the flowers on the counter and rearranged them until she was satisfied. Ji Su felt his presence disappear and then returned with a handle full of games.

One by one he placed them on the counter. Scrabble, Cards Against Humanity, Guess Who, Battleship, and Yahtzee. “That is a lot of games for just two people.” Ji Su stated.

“Yes, but it is a variety to choose from and we do not have to play all of them just some for us to play. Plus, we cannot go to the lake a swim with the storm on the way.” Jungkook explained.

So, Ji Su walked around the counter and chose the first game, Scrabble. Jungkook then chose the second game, Battleship. Both picked the order of the games and time they would cook dinner. Ji Su took Scrabble and set it up in the living room, clearing up her mess. Jungkook followed with the stack of games in order of play and helped her set up the first game. Once the game was set and ready, they settled down on the floor opposite each other.

“Just so you know I am a queen at this game.” Ji Su said in a matter-of-fact way.

“Hate to break it to you but I may have to dethrone you. I am just as good.” Jungkook bragged cracking his knuckles.

“We’ll let the best win.”

And the game with words began. After an hour of play, Jungkook placed his last letter giving him the score of 230. He hung his head when Ji Su announced her score, 231. She made the comment that it looked like she was still the queen of scrabble. He told me she was lucky this time as they cleaned up the game to move onto the next one, Battleship.

Time went by and as they finished the game of Yahtzee, Ji Su stood up stretching and walking into the kitchen to start cooking. It was early but she was getting hungry and Jungkook mumbled that he was hungry. While she was grabbing everything Jungkook cleaned up the games they played and put them away. Then he put music on before walking into the kitchen to help cook. The only sound that was shared between them was the music and the sounds of cooking.

Ji Su allowed herself to think how nice it was. Just the two of them cooking and the comfortable atmosphere, the bubble within her cabin. She kept looking at him working hard on the meal. Every time she would glance up at him, she would notice that the bruises from two days ago were now green and fading away.

“You seem to heal pretty quick.” She started walking over to the table setting out the side dishes and rice while he tasted tested the soup.

Jungkook looked up at her and swallowed. “Oh, these bruises were really nothing. I knew they would fade within a day or two.” He was being modest. “Soups done.” He turned the burner off and carried the pot to the table placing it on the potholder in the middle of everything.

When he sat down, they dug in and ate in silence. Ji Su started to think about how nice it was to eat a meal with him. Why didn’t she think about doing his with him over the course of the two months they knew each other? One answer popped in her head. There would be no way when all they did was work and sleep with one another. There was that one night in Jeju that did not lead to sex.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked, taking a bite of kimchi.

“Just thinking about why we did not do this. Having a meal with no strings attached.” She spoke gesturing to the food on the table and the two of them.

“Because we were sex crazy teenagers who needed to do something to busy ourselves before jumping one another.” He answered with humor and the truth. “Are you saying that when we press play there is a possibility to just have a meal with no strings attached?” He looked at her with hope in his eyes.

She looked away and took a bite of her food. When she swallowed and spoke. “There is a possibility. Just do not get your hopes up.” She heard his chair slide out from the table and he walked over to her.

Put his hand out he asked, “Dance with me?” She looked at him and then his hand waiting patiently. “The song that is playing is my favorite at this moment. So, please this just once dance with me.”

Her body moved on its own when she reached out to take his hand. He led her to the open space the separated the dining and living room. He spun her around and then grabbed her other hand as he started swaying. Ji Su placed her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. The sound of his heart and the slow beat of the song relaxed her, made her feel safe. He always seemed to make feel this way. Every time he did, she could not help but compare him with the other men in her life. Jungkook just seemed to outdo every single one of them.

As they swayed and turned around in one spot as the song played. When the song was over and an upbeat song came on, Jungkook continued to hold her and sway in that spot. She did not want him to let go. In truth she wanted to stay like that with the warmth radiating from him. When he stopped, she looked up at him, he was looking down at her searching for something. Her body acting its own once more she stood on her tip toes and kissed him.

Jungkook kissed her back but pulled away letting go of her when he took a step back. “We should clean up.” He said quietly and moved around her to clean up. Taking a deep breath, she followed him doing the same.

Cleaning up the table and food seemed to move slowly but when Jungkook was putting the food away and Ji Su washing the dishes time moved faster. It did not help that she had a lot on her mind. Did she do something wrong? Will telling him make sense on what she feeling? Was she in love with him or just in love with what he offers, security, warmth, his understanding?

Lost in her thoughts, she did not notice that he was helping her with dishes. Drying them and putting them away. When that task was done, Ji Su cleaned out the sink and wiped down the counters. She turned around and leaned back against the counter, building the courage to tell him. About the threats and that she was falling deep for him. She was putting a shield up to protect her heart if this determination failed.

“Ji Su, I have something to tell you and I don’t know how to go about telling you.” Jungkook moved to stand in front of her.

She moved to sit up on the counter to be eye level with him. If what he was going to share was bad, then she needed to sit and be ready for it. “What do you need to tell me?” she asked in a small voice.

He moved closer to her. “I ask Yoongi to look up about a few things in your past. Your most resent with your ex.” He placed his hands on either side of her. “I know it was wrong but not knowing on what the true reason for putting us on pause I needed to know. I even looked up information on Jae and Ji Su there is something you need to know. I do believe Jae is the one that rapped you and then changed his appearance to get close to you.” Her hands gripped the counter with what he shared. “He wasn’t able to finish what he started with you, and he may have fallen in love with you, but something must have snapped over the last few years.”

What he said became what she started to believe. He just beat her to it. Jungkook was waiting to see what she was going to say. She just looked away from him holding tears back that she had no idea were forming.

Whipping her eyes, Ji Su looked up at him. “I paused us to save your life.” She searched in his face, his eyes to see something of shock but there was none. So, she continued looking away from him. “The day that the shop was broken into there was a note threatening your life. I have received notes like this from one person whom I call ‘Nightmare.’ When I received this one, I started to plan. Plan to protect you. I wanted to end things with you, but you would see through my lies. If I told you I was putting us on pause, maybe you would agree without questions asked.” Her voice cracked as she shared her reasons with him. “For a few days now, I started to come to terms that Jae could be ‘Nightmare’ and that it could be possible that he would look different since I don’t remember meeting him the previous year.” Lightning flashed as she spoke. Thunder rumbled the distance making her jump.

She felt her hands being covered with his overly huge hands. There was something about him that made her reveal everything, making her strip naked of all her secrets. She laughed at herself thinking she should have tried better to hide everything from him. However, in the end she couldn’t. He had that power of her.

Ji Su waited for him to say something, to yell at her for being so stupid. She felt stupid, thinking how she could protect him but couldn’t protect herself. She felt one of his hands leave hers and touch her chin. He lifted her chin to lock her eyes with his. Ji Su was unable to read his expression.

“I’m happy that you want to protect me, but I am upset that you believed you couldn’t trust me to tell me.” He spoke in a calm voice as the rain started to pour outside.

“I was trying to protect you and the other day when you showed up with bruises, I thought it was my fault.” She started to argue with him hoping he would see her reason for not telling him.

“Baby, if someone can after me, I could hold my own. It's you that needs to trust me and believe in me.” He leaned in a kissed her forehead. “We can work this out and do it together. No more secrets. I care about you way too much.” He stepped back to promise this to her.

Ji Su could see that very promise.


Author’s note:

I hit writers block trying to write this chapter. I knew I needed to update the story as fast as possible, but every time I started to write nothing made sense. So, I hope this chapter does because I feel that it does, and I have read it aloud to make sure. The next chapter is a continuation of Chapter 11. The night is not over for our love birds. Hope you enjoy and again I am sorry for the late update. Also feel free to comment your thoughts so fair within the story. Also who else is excited for BTS Comeback??

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