Jang Na-ra Performs 'Kissing in Bathtub' Scene with Jimmy Lin in Chinese Movie

Original "Hallyu Queen" actress Jang Na-ra's sweet kissing scene in a bathtub with Chinese actor Jimmy Lin in the Chinese movie "Flying with you" has been unveiled. The behind-the-scene story at the time of shooting was also revealed and is expected to draw a lot of attention. The movie features He Qianqian (Jang Na-ra), a tomboyish woman from a conglomerate family, and Xu Yifan (Jimmy Lin), a lecturer in paramotor sports. They mistakenly land in a virgin forest, and have squabbled since their first meeting, but they come to feel love for each other. Both had a sweet kiss in the bathtub after they confirmed their love for each other. Both soaked in water, they lie side by side in the bathtub and kiss each other. Their lovely kissing scene has excited audiences. The scene was shot in a resort of Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. Before the kissing scene, Jang and Lin were involved in water fight as Lin made mischief during their water play. The duo received applause from the staff members on the shooting scene as they acted naturally like sweethearts after the water fight. In the kissing scene, Lin displayed his affection for Jang and Jang showed a woman's love for her fiance to the full extent. Meanwhile, the movie "Flying with you" has got people talking even before its release, as Jang's song "I miss only you", which was released in Korea, and its Chinese version "Zhsangchini", is included in the movie. The movie is a romantic comedy starring Jang and Lin, one of Taiwan's biggest actors, and depicts a story of a pioneering paramotor sports star in mainland China. Writer: Jeon Ji-young

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