2PM’s Jun-ho Appointed Goodwill Ambassador for World Vision

Boy band 2PM’s Jun-ho has been appointed as an honorary ambassador for the international humanitarian organization World Vision. He will be promoting the Experience Famine 24-Hours program, where ordinary people experience the lives of those suffering from poverty, disease and war for a day. It is one of World Vision’s representative programs, taking place in 20 different countries around the world including the U.S. and Japan. Representatives from World Vision said on July 30th that Jun-ho, who is a sponsor of World Vision, expressed his deep interest in Experience Famine 24-Hours which is why he was appointed as goodwill ambassador. They added that Jun-ho will be taking part in the 24-hour program personally in countries around Asia. Jun-ho is known for his humanitarian deeds. He visited Ethiopia in January to help people suffering from a rare skin disease, and is sponsoring a child in Ghana through World Vision. This year’s Experience Famine 24-Hours will take place at Seoul City Plaza on August 18th.

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