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Create a new Yahoo Mail email account in your email application.

Then enter for Server, 995 for Port and Yes under SSL required in its settings.

Find the email file: Go to Account Settings> Data Files> Open your Yahoo account> File Location and copy the file to the desired location.

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How to save emails on a POP computer

The instructions for setting up your Yahoo Mail account for POP access in Windows Outlook are below, but they are the same regardless of e-mail client and platform. In Outlook, go to File.

Outlook screenshot with the File button highlighted

Select Add Account.

Screenshot of the Outlook Information menu with the Add Account button highlighted

Enter the Yahoo Mail email address and select Advanced Options.

Add a screenshot of the account window in Outlook with the Advanced Options button highlighted

Check the box next to Enable manual account setup, then select Connect.

Screenshot of Add an account in Outlook with manual options and highlighting the connect button

Select POP. Screenshot of Add an account in Outlook with the POP option highlighted

Enter your Yahoo Mail password.

Select Finish to complete the connection of your Yahoo Mail to Outlook via POP.

Find, transfer and view your email file

You can copy, paste and view the Yahoo Mail file using your account settings:

Return to the File tab and select Account Settings> Account Settings. Screenshot of Outlook account information highlighted by Account Settings

Select the Database tab.

Screenshot of Outlook account settings highlighted on the Data Files tab

Select your Yahoo Mail account and then select Open File Location.

Screenshot of Outlook account settings highlighted by Open File Location

Right-click on the file and select Copy, then paste the file into another folder or save it to a USB drive for saving.

Right-clicks the file and select Copy, then paste the file into another folder or

To open and view all messages, go to the File tab in Outlook and select Open and Export.

Outlook File menu screenshot with Open and Export highlighted

Select Open Outlook Data File. Screenshot of the Open Outlook menu highlighted by the "Open Outlook Database" command

Select the file that contains your Yahoo Mail messages.

Each email client has its own setup process, and some simplify this process by automatically retrieving server settings when you select Yahoo Mail as your email account.

However, many email Clients have set up automatic access to Yahoo Mail using IMAP. Therefore, if you set up your Yahoo Mail account in your email program, enter POP as the protocol you want to use. You may also need to enter your Yahoo Mail POP settings.

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