What do Italian ladies wear?

Fashion in Italy is the same as in other parts of the world.

Italian fashion

Italian women know to combine inexpensive jewelry and luxurious vintage rings with precious stones. It looks both casual and original.

Apart from rings, Italian women love bracelets. It may be this love of many layers of jewelry on their hands is caused by the fact that Italians are emotional and use a lot of gestures that attract attention to these body parts.

Despite the warm climate, Italians really like to wear black clothes at any time of the year. Black clothing looks more elegant.

Italian women love to emphasize their figures. Italian fashionistas continued to wear skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are always trendy in Italy.

The belt is a very important wardrobe accessory for local women. The belt can be wide, narrow, functional or purely decorative.

A handbag plays an important role in the wardrobes of Italian fashionistas. They carry several bags worn at the same time. They may hold a small purse or clutch in one hand and a shopper bag in the other.

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