How do you fix a flickering computer screen?

Anything that makes gadgets ten times better is the display feature. Even if you don’t need this feature for effective functioning, a display screen has its own charm in attracting users. Out of all the features, a computer screen is the only part whose absence can render every other feature ineffective. This is the most used part of any computer and hence the most important one too. 

If you find your computer screen flickering, then you need to address this issue as quickly as possible because this problem can manifest itself into something much bigger if not taken care of in the early stage.

* Check DVI cable screws. These screws connect your screen to your processor, so when this loosens up or turns faulty, your screen glitches.

* Check power. If the power cable is loose, monitor will flicker, accompanied by a hissing noise from the power source. 

* Reset the refresh rate. Check your display setting; if the refresh rate is less than the default specifications, set it to the original value.

Computer Screen Flickering

If the above points don’t help, then you can take your monitor for a repair or buy a new one. In such cases, connecting with the computer support team can also prove beneficial. 

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