A Guide to Choosing the Best Mattress for a Good Night’s Sleep

The most basic thing that you should consider while choosing a mattress is support to the back. There is no point in buying an expensive mattress with a lot of fancy promises only to find that you get up with back pain every morning. Nothing could be a worse scenario than that.

Here are some of the parameters to look for when buying a mattress and how Sleeptime fits the bill.


Every type of body is unique and while some may prefer to sleep on a harder surface, others prefer a softer one. Comfort is not about your immediate reaction when you lie down but how you are after 7-8 hours of sleep. If you feel uneasy, have a backache, or have the need to stretch to get the joints working again, the mattress is not comfortable for you. Hence. before reaching for your wallet, spend a few nights on the mattress to know if it is suitable for you.

Sleeptime, Sleeptime


Your mattress should not produce heat while you are sleeping and must be able to adapt to body temperature. A breathable mattress stays at room temperature and helps maintain body temperature. This lets your skin breathe and that leads to a comfortable night’s sleep. Memory foam does not generate heat but adapts to body temperature. However, poorly made foam mattresses or those using adulterated foam as raw material give off a lot of heat.

Sleeptime mattresses come with in-built cooling gel crystals and air-flow ventilation channels. These two combined disperse the heat, wicking it away to keep the mattress cool throughout the night and giving you a good night’s rest. There are also other benefits of memory foam mattresses from Sleeptime. It not only improves the quality of sleep but also relieves hurting pressure points. Your body heat softens the mattress at the right points, thereby supporting the body throughout the natural curves and lines.


Durability largely depends on the density and the compression set of the material used. The best are pure latex, high-density foam, and pocket spring mattresses with good density and gauge. Coir, cotton, and bonded mattresses do not last long.Sleeptime mattresses are durable and the company offers a 10-year guarantee on the product so you are assured of years and years of comfort and restful nights.

Get assured comfort, breathability, durability, and more when you invest in a quality product like Sleeptime mattresses.

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