How do people get so many followers on Instagram?

Instagram is the best place to gain popularity, recognition and voice for your opinions. But you also need to have an adequate amount of followers to create stability in it as well and gaining more followers means gaining a more successful instagram account and you can even earn money , games and a well established career out of it.

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Give your Instagram account an identity

Provided with precise, readable and eye catchy information , you can put interesting lines or a short info about you on your bio even, or you can put your official websites hyperlinks as well. Whatever you may do, always remember to make your profile mature but more connectable with your audience.

Bridge the gap with your words

Let the conversation start, don't leave your Instagram account inactive.After being inactive on Instagram for days and days can really affect your account. If you are an influencer you need to start a conversation and should maintain your profile throughout your journey of getting more followers.You can try providing a story post or a single post for your audience containing relevant information about you.

Connect with your audience

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Earn more popularity and fame

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Showcase your flair or hobby to your audience

Showcasing your talents can help you in attracting a good amount of audience such as you can opt for dancing , singing, playing instruments , painting , writing stories or poems and there are billions of artforms and hobbies.You can even post quick hack videos to attract both young and old audiences as this topic goes well with both of them.

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