Does Gym Help In Losing Weight?


Some of the benefits of gyms—

Leaner body mass
Toned body
Improved stamina
Strength in arms and legs
Belly fat burner
Better metabolism

Why even after being a regular at Gym, weight loss is negligible?

This is a common concern of several who visit gym in Al Ain. According to gym coaches and nutritionists, weight loss is negligible because of two reasons—

1. Diet is not balanced and regulated

2. Sedentary lifestyle

Many gym goers believe, if they have invested couple of hours at their nearest gym in Dubai, they can binge on food. But this is detrimental to your weight loss program. One has to do be calorie conscious and try to calorie deficit, it would speed up your weight loss but there is no need to starve rather eat healthy. Instead of eating junk and calorie rich food, you can opt for things like fruits, nuts, salad and high protein diet. It would not only kill the urge to eat high calorie food but would keep you healthy from within.

By sedentary life, it means do not sit or keep relaxing throughout the day after your gym. Take short intervals from your work, walk around, stretch or climb up the stairs instead of going in a lift. Idea is to keep challenging self and stay motivated, a few attitudinal changes can overhaul your appearance.

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