Does Burgundy Go With Cool Skin Tones?

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What are the colors of Burgundy?

Burgundy is a deep red with purple, which comes from the color of French Burgundy wines.

Later, people gradually began to use "Burgundy" as a color name.

What skin tone goes well with Burgundy?

Burgundy is widely used to dye black hair.

It fits girls of any color.

6x6 closure wigs

This noble hue can brighten skin tone.

We don't have to worry about the color not matching your skin tone.

40 inch bundles

It is very beautiful and attracts people's attention.

This color is very popular.

Try this Burgundy wig. You'll love it.

Why try a lace Burgundy wig?

What does Burgundy remind you of?

A glass of wine?

A gorgeous, sexy Burgundy dress?

Whatever it is, it reminds you of something good.

This vibrant summer color can also bring a good mood and make life more colorful.

Burgundy's hair color works well with any skin tone and is therefore widely used in many types of wigs.

A 13x4 lace forehead wig, for example, can be used to create free parts of the hair.

It has very good air permeability and nature.

How to maintain a Burgundy lace wig?

1. To maintain your Burgundy wig and prevent it from fading, use wig shampoo and conditioner.

Also, don't wash your wig too often.

We recommend cleaning and nursing every 6-8 times.

Because your hair needs to be hydrated, it's best to apply a deep conditioner every once in a while.

Use any conditioner that will moisturize and deep repair your hair, extend the interval between shampoos, and let your hair retain more of its natural oils.

Frequent shampooing can affect dyed hair, darkening and fading faster.

It is recommended to apply oils and serums to the ends of hair before blow-drying and heat styling to keep hair soft and free of tangles.

When cleaning, do not rub with your hands, so as not to damage the hair.

We need to be gentle with your wig to extend its life in daily life.

2. Minimize prolonged exposure to strong sunlight, such as wearing a hat.

Long exposure to the sun and excessive UV rays can turn hair orange or red.

This process is called oxidation.

Oxidation is a normal process and occurs in both human and synthetic wigs.

However, this is a gradual process, not that your hair is oxidized directly in the sun, but that your hair color will gradually change after a month of sun exposure.

Accordingly, when like long outdoor activity or motion, must have done bask in the job. Use those who fight ultraviolet rays to wash and protect things, avoid hair color oxidation, and advance aging.

3, it is best not to often hot dye.

Wigs have no hair follicles to transport nutrients for repair.

At ordinary times, it is recommended to use professional wig care products to supplement nutrition for the hair, restore the luster of the hair and softness

Some people like to spray gel, mousse, gel water, etc. when cleaning their wigs, which must be thoroughly cleaned to remove gum residue.

If the glue stays too long, it can damage the hair net and shorten the life of the wig.

Act now and unleash your enthusiasm this summer.

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