How much does it cost to repair your PC?

The repair shop charge you according type of service you have taken and the repairing cost may vary according to the type of pc you have. The maintenance cost also get including while cleaning your pc from hardware to software. 

* For the software repair the cost you need to pay is around 40$ to 150$. 

* Hardware replacement is around 100$ -$225.

* If you need liquid damage repair then it will cost you around 99$ to 250$.

* The repair shop will replace your motherboard 150$ to 300$.

Computer Repair Technician Maryland

* The technician will remove unnecessary cache memories so that it will speed up the performance of the entire system.

* The computer repair shop will install the latest hardware so that it will increase the storage space.

* You can also take the help of a technician to remove viruses and malware from your system and install an antivirus to the pc so that in the future any type of trojans will not corrupt your pc.

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