Top 7 best apps built with react native in 2022

As per the data, the global mobile app revenue was around 935 billion USD in 2019 but it is anticipated to increase more and more. So, it is the right time for business or product owners to take advantage of the mobile app market.

When you are about to develop the application, you must consider the development cost. Here, you have two options - either you develop an application based on one mobile platform, or second you can go with a framework like React Native and develop the cross-platform application.

The Facebook product React Native is one of the widely used cross-platform app development frameworks.

Today, by inspiring the performance of React Native - we come up with an article on the best apps built with react native to give you an idea of why React Native is an ideal choice for your next project.

Let’s have a look at the top apps…

Best apps built with react native


React Native was introduced by Facebook and it is first used to develop the primary app of Facebook. Facebook has introduced React Native in 2015 and it is an open-source framework. Just in a few years, React Native earned the reputation as the preferred technology for mobile app development.

The main aim behind the introduction of React Native is to take all the advantages of web development i.e., fast development, one team for one project. Facebook is one of the best apps built with React Native still a day.

Facebook ads manager

Facebook ads manager is the first application developed with React Native which is a fully cross-platform application. It is one of the official platforms for individuals and businesses to create and run the ads of their business or services.

Facebook has a single dev team to develop this application in iOS and Android.

Such applications need to perform the features like different time zone, date formats, and ads format, and React Native is perfectly fit the requirements. Also, React Native gives an outstanding user experience to the users of the Facebook ads manager.


It is one of the widely used platforms for business and finance-related news.

Before the introduction of React Native, companies need to develop individual apps for iOS and Android which take a lot of time and cost to develop. Now engineers of Bloomberg find the development process easier and simple using React Native.


Instagram is nowadays one of the most popular social media applications which widely use around the world. Without any doubt, it is there at top of the list of best apps built with React Native.

Instagram has decided to move to React Native in 2016 and you can see the growth of Instagram after that. React Native gives Instagram an outstanding UI that attracts users.

React Native is enabled to develop the features for iOS and Android both and can increase the efficiency of developers as well.


It is one of the best apps built with React Native in the category of video, voice, and text communication. Discord has more than a hundred million users who communicate with each other smoothly with Discord.

Discord is thanks to React Native as their iOS and Android apps share 98% of codes.


Pinterest is another famous example of an app built with React Native. It is the best platform for users to discover the idea of every aspect of life. Pinterest shares the content from home decoder to business ideas.

Pinterest has used React Native and shared the codes between Android and iOS apps.


It is a widely used online retailer platform. The iOS and Android applications of Walmart develop with the use of React Native.

The framework benefited the company by minimizing the time to market duration. Both applications share the 95% codes and give the Performance like Native.

Final thoughts on Best apps built with React Native.

In the last few years, React Native become the most preferred choice to develop cross-platform applications. With its expertise, React Native saves the money and time of the organization. Nowadays both Fortune 500 companies and startups are willing to take the advantage of React Native.

React Native App Development Company

We believe that the list above is the best cross-platform application developed by React Native. Develop your application with React Native and add your apps to the above top-list.

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