Amped Wireless Extender Setup Using Web Interface

Installing an Amped wireless range extender is pretty easy. After the installation, you get a strong, consistent, and blazing-fast WiFi network connection in your house. Thus, you get to connect to the outer world without compromising your comfort.

Amped wireless extender setup

Steps to Install Amped Wireless Range Extender

Set Hardware

Get the Amped wireless range extender out of the box. Don’t forget the Ethernet cable and extender antennas. Attach the antennas to the device. Further, choose the perfectly working wall socket. We will talk about socket selection in the next point.

Extender Placement

The wall socket used to plugin your device should be not under the table or inside a wall cabinet. Nor it should be behind the television. Rather, choose the central location where the wall socket is located. However, it must not be away from the host router.

There has to be adequate distance between the range extender and modem. Moreover, keep a check over things or objects that might cause WiFi interference.

Connect With Router

Amped wireless extender login

However, connecting them wirelessly can also be a great option in case you don’t want wires hanging around the corners. Just make sure the distance is adequate.

Open Internet Browser

Turn to your computer/laptop and launch a web browser. You must ensure that the latest version of the web browser is in use to install the device. Furthermore, check for the system’s requirements while installing an updated web browser.

In case you are using an already installed web browser, delete its cookies and cache files. These might lead to issues while installing the device.

Enter Default Web Address

Take the cursor of your mouse to the address bar and enter the default web address. You can also use the default IP address. While doing so, you have to be careful that you don’t commit any typing errors. After that, you must hit the Enter key.

Never use the search bar to enter the web address or IP. In case you can’t access the URL, you should change the web browser or restart the internet browser.

Access Extender Setup Wizard

When you hit the Enter key, you get access to the extender setup wizard. Thus, you get access to all the major and minor settings of your repeater. You can change these settings as per your preference. Furthermore, make sure that the settings are also compatible with the router you are using.

You can change the WiFi bands in case you don’t get the required internet speed. Thus, you should know about the router and extender’s specifications.

Follow On-Screen Instructions

Get through the on-screen instructions on your home screen. Make sure you read them before accepting or rejecting them. For the best user experience, you must use an Ethernet cable connection to connect your extender to the router.

Also, check for firmware updates. Do the update if there is any. Save the settings after you are done with the instructions.


Amped wireless extender troubleshooting

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