Are there any companies or startups that use ASP.NET Core?

ASP .Net is the most favored framework, as per the Stack Overflow poll. With ASP .Net, businesses can develop solutions that address a variety of demands, expanding their consumer base and fostering customer loyalty.

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In short, there are many advantages of using .Net Core. This is the reason why companies and startups are using it. A few of its advantages are listed below:

Numerous capabilities, including side-by-side versioning, restricted code sharing, and no-impact programs, are offered by the .Net framework.

The .Net framework can control all processes. If one of the processes develops a bug, another can be easily produced.

.Net framework's shared library and programming paradigm aid developers' increased productivity.

Desktop applications are independent computer programs. Even without a browser, they may effortlessly send and receive data over the internet. Despite the current availability of web and mobile apps, they are incredibly popular. .Net is the best framework for creating desktop applications. So that you can get ideas for your future project, we’ve tried to answer this question and gathered some big companies and startups that are using with .Net.

Companies that use ASP .NET | Open-source web framework for .NET:




Top Startups that use ASP .NET | Open-source web framework for .NET:




We understand that choosing the appropriate tools and technologies is the first step in developing your dream application.

According to our experience, you must utilize a framework that accommodates all of these capabilities and specifications when creating anything that performs dynamically and ASP .Net is the best fit for you. If these companies and startups can make it using ASP .Net, we are sure you also can.

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