Vertical Farming: How Modern-Age Agriculture Technique Reducing Environmental Impact

Vertical farming is the practice of growing plants indoors in vertically stacked layers. Instead of sunlight and rain, vertical farms use LED lighting and controlled growing and nutrition systems, where a natural environment is modified to increase the crop yield. As plants are stacked vertically in layers, so many of the farms look like warehouses filled with large shelving units.

Vertical farms aren’t reliant on the weather conditions, because crops are grown in controlled environments; the suitable conditions are artificially created so that the plants can grow better, so there's no chance of unfavorable conditions ruining the crops and fresh produce can be grown all year round.

Software, robotics and data science are some of the technologies used in vertical farms to monitor crops and create optimum growing conditions. This includes controlling temperature, humidity, CO2 and light. As it involves technological advancements, it has the potential to revolutionize the future of agriculture....

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