How to get Windstream Email settings on Outlook, iPhone, and Windows?

Windstream Email settings on Outlook

How to set up Windstream email in Outlook?

To set up Windstream email in Outlook, you need to understand the following instructions:

· Start your Outlook and hit the File option.

· Find account settings and tap on it.

· Click the Add option.

· Visit the Server Settings section and turn it on.

· Click the Next tab.

Now, you need to select the Internet email addresses and hit the Next tab. Now, you need to fill in the following information:

· Your name: User's full name.

· Email address: Windstream email address.

· Choose the Account Type tab, it is present under the Server Information option.

Choose the pop3 option and enter the following data:

· Input port: 110

· Output port: 25

· Now, you need to fill in the login information through the following ways:

· Email: Windstream email address

· Password: Windstream email password

· Secure login: none

· Choose test account settings.

· Press the next tab to complete the setup process.

Windstream email setup Outlook 2007

· Select Microsoft Outlook 2007.

· Go to the Tools option.

· Expand the Tools option and hit the Account Settings option.

· Click the Account Setup option to start the Windstream Email Setup for Outlook process.

· Look for the Email option and tap on it.

· Click on the 'New' tab.

· Find the Manually configure server settings option and tap on it.

· Press the 'Next' tab.

· Choose the 'Internet Email' option.

· Click the Next tab to visit the Windstream email setup page for Outlook 2007.

· Press the 'Next' tab.

Now fill in the required field as follows to configure email settings for Outlook:-

· Fill in the form and press the 'More settings' tab.

· You will be redirected to the new page, where you can choose the 'Outgoing Server' option.

· Expand the 'Outgoing Server' tab and select the 'My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication' option.

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