Download movie from the torrent websites is legal or illegal

Nowadays people like to watch movies and web series in order to keep entertained. if you are one of those people who fall in the movie lovers category and use the torrent websites to download movies and want to know whether downloading movie through a website is illegal or legal, then you have come to the right place let's get started

what is a movie download website?

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Torrent website to download movies is legal or illegal

I know that many of you have been using a torrent website to download movies and webseries , and if you think that is legal then you are doing a mistake. let me tell you guys first that using torrent websites to download movies is absolutely illegal. do you know how much loss movies have to do because of the torrent website let me tell millions, yes you heard right. in order to reduce the losses of movies government have made the law that piracy of movie is illegal and if you find out doing piracy of movie then you may be sentenced to jail. if you don't want that thing happens to you so please don't use the torrent websites to download movie and web series etc

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