TCIO (total cost of infrastructure ownership) 관점으로 본 데이터센터의 종말 예상

하드웨어 쭌만 아니라 전체 인프라스트럭쳐의 소유 비용이 클라우드 옵션과의 갭이 커져 가면서 점차 기업 데이터센터 시장이 클라우드로 급속히 이동하는 시점이 온다고 분석 2017년에 클라우드는 180조 이상이 될 것으로 예상 There are obvious drivers ensuring the compounding trend line as described in Bezos’s law will continue for many decades. Scale: Every day, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft are adding huge amounts of capacity capable of running most Fortune 1,000 companies. Innovation: The cloud market is competitive with innovative approaches and services being brought to market quickly. Competition and price transparency: While the base IaaS service varies among providers, they are close enough for customers to easily compare offerings. Let’s assume that on average the Fortune 5000 each have seven data centers for a total of 35,000. Bezos’s law will drive (think Henry Ford’s Model T) a similar titanic shift away from data centers to the cloud, which will result in 90 percent reduction (approximately 30,000) in enterprise owned and operated data centers by 2030.

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