Top Features of OBIcamper Dweller that you will love

OBI camper OBI campers.

Outdoor Kitchen

Gaveller Off Road Camper

Storage Areas

Dweller Off Road CamperAustralian Caravan

Tanks for storing liquids:

21 gallons of fresh water

31 gallons of city water.

21 gallons of grey water.


Best CamperOff Road Campers

Towing Specifications

4X4 Camper


Off Road Caravan

Other features include:

Australian Camper

(4) height-adjustable stabilizer jacks and 16" all-terrain wheels

The chassis was hot-dipped galvanized.

Brakes that are powered by electricity.


If you're considering purchasing a new camper for your overland trips, then the Obi camper is the best choice. It has all the facilities that an individual is searching for.

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