How to Spot My Train When NTES is Down?

You can trust the RailMitra app. It is the most reliable and popular rail enquiry app among train travellers for getting solutions to train-related enquiries, including train running status. Whenever you want to Spot My Train status quickly and easily, you must have the RailMitra app on your mobile.

Do you know how to access and monitor real-time train running status?

It's quite easy to get. The NTES application's interface is competent, responsive, and user-friendly, allowing people to see the current train running status in real-time. It provides information about the live status train, such as accurate and predicted arrival and departure times, halts, and estimated delays. However, there are a few situations when such as load issues in NTES mobile apps. Because of the high traffic causing the loading issue, the NTES app server often goes down at any time.

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Read on to find more details on train live running status using the Live Train Running Enquiry app, RailMitra.

Spot My Train Using RailMitra When NTES is Down

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Do you know that the Indian Railways NTES system often goes down? In such a situation, how can you spot your train? The answer is very simple. You must download and install the RailMitra app on your phone. It can assist you in every aspect while the NTES app is down.

RailMitra's live train status is more accurate than any other app or website. In simple terms, RailMitra is your best travel partner since it helps you even when the NTES system is down. RailMitra, on the other hand, crowdsources live train status using the network's real-time GPS.

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What Is the Process Involved in Checking Where is my train On RailMitra?

When you are trying to find out where your train is today has never been easier than using RailMitra. By completing the following steps below, you can locate your train or check live train status with RailMitra:

• Visit the RailMitra website by clicking on or download the RailMitra app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

• You must choose the "Train Live Status" from the "Rail Tools" drop-down menu.

• You can easily spot your train whether the train is running or not by entering the train number.

• As soon as the passenger types in the train number, the train's name shows on the screen.

• In the drop-down menu, choose the name of the train.

• Choose from Yesterday, Today, Or Tomorrow as the train's departure date.

• The "Check Live Status" button is provided next to the box.

• Your train timetable, as well as the current train status, will be displayed on the interface.

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An AI and Real-Time GPS Train Tracking System

A traveller can get all the facts about his journey by looking at the Indian Railway train running status on the screen. The RailMitra app is supported by the most up-to-date real-time GPS location system and Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation. It fetches the exact result from its huge and well-maintained train running status map, back-end database containing elaborate train information.

Why Is RailMitra the Perfect Website to Spot Trains on Indian Railways?

RailMitra is one of the best online platforms for Indian railway news for everyone who wishes to travel by train in India and also wants to know where their train’s current location is. Their customers' comfort of travel is their priority. RailMitra gives you accurate information when checking “where is my train”.

• RailMitra's website and mobile app are easy to use and navigate. All rail services are easily found via RailMitra's app and website. Their efficient team works continuously to offer you timely and accurate information, so you may spend very little time searching for trains and more time planning your trip.

• RailMitra's AI-powered interface ensures that travellers have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information at all times. You can always rely on RailMitra's resources, whether you're looking for PNR status, a train schedule, or seeking where is my train.

• RailMitra provides detailed train information such as arrival and departure times, coach details, and station numbers.

Check Live Train Status by a Phone Call

The process involved in checking train live running status through a phone call is as follows:

• Call the Indian railway helpline number 139 and follow the instructions to select your preferred language.

• To understand the train's arrival and departure status, press the indicated button to verify its running status.

Check Live Train Status by SMS

You can use the offline mode to check the IRCTC live train status by sending an SMS to 139 in the following format:

Inquiry for Live Train Status through Text messages

Format 1


SPOT 12345 is an example.

Format 2


LOCATE 12345 is an example.

When the internet connection is weak, the offline live train running status comes in handy. You can refer to the estimated train running status chart during your journey once it has been downloaded.

Why Should You Spot Your Train?

You must spot your train through the RailMitra app or website while travelling across anywhere inside India, as it helps to prepare your post-train journey plans.

The process of conducting a journey with warmth and convenience in the pre-digital era was nearly impossible due to unanticipated events that caused a mess from the beginning to the end of the journey. Planning a rail journey is simple now that the IRCTC has adopted digitization.

Every train passenger should assess the location of their train in real-time because of the following reasons:

• It enhances time management

• It helps you to travel more conveniently and comfortably

• It helps you to create a proper travel plan

RailMitra is The Best Online Portal to Get Live Train Status!

If you wish to experience a hassle-free train journey with IRCTC, you must have the RailMitra app on your phone. This app can help you spot your train even when the NTES system is down. RailMitra is an answer to your question, “How can I spot my train using mobile”.

Download the RailMitra App!!

RailMitra is a one-stop destination for every passenger who is planning to travel on a train and want an Indian railway enquiry service instantly. Making travel fun is what we aim to offer to our end users. RailMitra offers a complete package when it comes to planning your travel journey.
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