How can I get my refund back from Flair Air?

Some passengers are ready to go on a trip to their dream destination, but suddenly due to some issues, their plan fails to execute, and they cancel their flight tickets that they have booked on Flair Air. In this situation, passengers are not aware of how they can ask for a refund from the airline. Sometimes, they ask from Flair Air Customer Service but cannot understand the process during the calling process. Flair Air is a low-fare airline with many facilities that will benefit the passengers. 

Some passengers are not aware of the airline's facilities and how they will claim their money back for canceled flight tickets. The process is as follows:

Here are steps to get the money back from Flair Air:

* Before requesting money back from the airline, passengers need to cancel their flight tickets.

* Open the official site of Flair Air, and tap on the ‘manage my trip’ option.

* A tab will prompt on the screen, where you need to enter your ticket's credentials like the number and last name of the traveler.

* Tap on the cancel the button option, and flight tickets will get canceled.

Immediately after canceling the flight tickets, passengers need to search for the ‘refund link’ present on the airline's homepage. 

* Fill out the form with the relevant details as asked by the airline. Submit the form to the airline. 

* If forms are accepted by the airline, passengers will be credited with all the refunded money by the airline in the same way it was paid for the flight tickets.

If there are cancelation charges by the airline, passengers have to pay them, or they will get deducted from the refunding money.

How Do I Get In Touch With Flair Air?

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