How Can You Tell If a Wig Is Most Suitable For You?

Nowadays, people are no longer limited to the idea of "wigs are only sold to people with thinning hair". With the improvement of aesthetics, the value and charm of wigs are gradually being discovered.

40 inch wig

1. Hair color

HD lace wigs

curly lace front wig#1#4#6#8#99J


Just follow your heart!

2. Hairstyle

Different hairstyles can give you different shapes. When choosing hair length and waves, it is more important to choose according to your preferences.

First, length: If you like long hair, something between 26 and 32 inches is better;

If you prefer shorter hair, consider a shorter 16- to 24-inch wig.

If you want a shorter look, just try a short Bob wig, starting at 8-14 inches.

Second, for hair waves: If you are busy with work or study (or a lazy girl like me) and don't want to spend more time on hair care, I suggest you order straight hair, Body Wave;

Instead, try other textures, and loose deep waves are highly recommended!

Then deep waves, curls, water waves...

One thing you need to know when choosing hair length and wave is that the longer the inch, the more time it takes!

The smaller the curl, the more need to care!

3. Lace

Lace is the most important, choose your lace carefully, you need to know the following 2 tips:

The first is the lace size you want, which directly determines the parting and style you can make.

The most common lace sizes are full lace wigs, 13x6 and 13x4 lace front wigs, 6x6,5x5,4x4 lace closure wigs, more lace, more split space, and styles you can do!

And the price is considerable, the lace size is land-arger, more expensive.

Second is the type of lace, the best lace on the market is Swiss lace, all West Kiss hair uses good quality Swiss lace!

Lace colors include light brown, medium brown, plain lace, transparent lace, and HD lace.

Of course, the best for invisibility is HD lace because it is suitable for all skin tones!!

Some of the new wig beginners may not be familiar with lace, if someone wants a wig without lace, there are also options for you: U/V section wig, headband wig, mechanical wig......

These wigs are lace-free, glue-free, beginner-friendly, and affordable!!

4. Density

The most normal densities on the market are 180%, 200%, and 250%.

For hair length, 180% or 200% density is recommended for 16-24 inches and 200% or 250 for 26-32 inches, while keeping it natural.

The rule is that the longer the inches, the higher the density you need!

5. About the size

The default wig size is medium and fits more than 95 percent of women.

Because the wig comes with an adjustable elastic band inside, you can adjust it to your own size.

But if you have any questions about the size, you can first have your head size measured and check the measurement value on the website, or ask our pre-sales colleagues to recommend a suitable size for you.

Only the right wig in all aspects will make your image comprehensively improve.

Life requires the courage to try, take the first step, make choices, and then gradually know where the better self is and what it will look like.

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