Kim Soo Hyun will carry an audience member on his back

Actor Kim Soo Hyun will keep his promise for the movie The Thieves having over ten million viewers. On August 15, the production company for the movie said, ” Kim will carry one of the audience members on his back to keep his promise.” Kim promised that he would carry the ten millionth audience member on his back prior to the movie release. Since the movie has attracted over ten million viewers on August 15, he will keep his promise. The production company will select one member among the people who post a picture of the movie ticket on their official Facebook account on the day of having ten million viewers. People can apply for the event on August 15 starting at noon through midnight on the official Facebook account ( Thirty people among the participants will be invited to an event, which will be held on August 18. Then the person who Kim will carry on his back will be selected randomly.

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