Tips to Prepare for a Lemon Law Case

A lemon case helps you file a lawsuit if you have gone through a bad experience of buying a car that has a lot of mechanical defects. However, if you have not prepared anything on the lemon law case, it will be a hard time.

lemon case

[1] Written documentation helps

Along with keeping all the receipts, write everything down. You can write a chronological sequence of events on paper or your computer. Make sure that it is easily found when you need to use it as proof.

Not just the written documentation is enough, you should also make sure that you store it in a safe place where others will not be able to find it. It will help you in case someone claims that you are not telling the truth.

You can write down what issue was there when you bought the car. If a new problem comes up, then write it down and keep the records of any maintenance or repairs done on your car in case that repair did not fix the problem.

[2] Hire a lemon lawyer

Don't approach the lawsuit as a DIY activity. Remember that the dealerships and auto companies have an army of lawyers who are trained and experienced in winning such cases.

Hence, it will serve your purpose well to hire the legal services of an attorney for your lemon case. You can look for a reliable law firm on the internet to suit your budget and needs.

You can also ask family and friends if they know of someone who has gone through such a case before. With a little bit of research, you can find out an experienced lemon lawyer without having to spend money on their marketing campaigns and advertisement.

[3] Inform the dealership before filing a lemon case

Not all states require you to inform the dealer of the lemon law case before filing a claim. It depends on your state and its laws. However, it is not a bad idea to inform them before filing a lawsuit.

This will give them time to fix the defects and make you happy with your car. It is also a good way for you to keep your expenses down on legal fees.

If you are going to inform the dealership, then you should try to get it done in writing. The dealer will have no choice but to fix your car if they have agreed to do it in writing.

To sum it up

It is not easy winning your lemon case against the big auto players and dealerships. So, it is wise to prepare beforehand using these tips mentioned above.

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