Acquire practical steps to fix Xerox printer in an error state !

Xerox Printer Error State

Follow the below-mentioned steps for troubleshooting the Xerox printer:

* The first troubleshooting step would be turning off the printer, unplugging all the cords, then plugging the cords back in ports after 5 minutes, and then power the printer again. 

* The second-best option for troubleshooting is to check the critical date and time for the better functioning of a Xerox printer. In case of an issue, you can run some checks on the time and date settings on your Xerox printer, and if it is wrongly entered, correct it and fix it.

* Further, you can remove any previous command that might get stuck, and you cannot execute the following command.

* You can disconnect the network cable. Then press the reset option for the Xerox printer and reconnect the network cable back into the printer again.

* Moreover, you can enable or disable raw TCP/IP with the help of CentreWare internet services because this would indeed eliminate Xerox printer issues.

Xerox printer Stack Error

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