Traditional spices and surprises of Sri Lanka – Preparation for a local culinary journey

If you plan on exploring the food culture of Sri Lanka, here are a few interesting facts to know before you begin. Let’s unwrap the traditions and surprises of dining on this island.

Large portions

Kalutara restaurants

Is non-spicy food available?

Now Sri Lanka is known for its fiery spicy food, but if you think it’s a little too much to handle, of course, you do have the option of non-spicy food.

Vegetarian food

Sri Lankan cuisine includes many beautifully prepared vegetables to eat with rice, so vegetarians…come explore this island already!

Going gluten-free is a challenge

Nearly all the dishes in the local cuisine include some sort of gluten in them, so for those who aim for gluten-free dining, it’s a tough challenge.

Unfamiliar food

When journeying through local culinary arts, you might come across many vegetables you’ve never heard of before…how exciting!

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