What Angle Should I Cut My Hair For Layers?

Compared with messy and frizzy hair, layered hairstyles will make people look more three-dimensional and more refined. Get the layered hairstyle you want at home by reading today's article.

Prepare your hair for layering

HD lace

40 inch hair

Collect your hair on top of your head

Hold the ponytail at the top of your head with the flat area towards the back of your head where you can balance the comb.

skunk stripe hair

Secure it in place with a hair elastic and turn the head up.

Make sure your hair is smooth along with your head;

Any clumping or tangling of parts can lead to chaotic stratification.

Move the elastic band down the ponytail

Holding the ponytail in one hand, slide the elastic band down with the other until it's a few inches from the end of the ponytail.

If you want subtle layering, slide the elastic down so that only an inch or so of hair is left in the ponytail.

For more intense layers, leave a few inches of hair in the ponytail.

To prevent it from turning into a mullet, slide the elastic until a few hairs slip out at the nape of your neck.

Cut off the end of the ponytail

Fasten hair in elastic to prevent it from loosening.

Use a pair of sharp clippers to cut off the hair above the elastic band, then shake it out.

If you have thick hair, you may need to cut off more than one part of your ponytail.

Just be sure to cut each section to the same length, just above the elastic.

Be careful not to cut at an Angle or let the scissors slip.

Cut the uniform layer directly.

Check your layers

This method creates some layers of the face frame in the front and longer layers in the back.

If you want to adjust the length of the layer, carefully cut out individual hairs using scissors.

Make sure you take your time and carefully cut your hair to reduce the chances of making mistakes or cutting too much.

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