Tips for Keeping Your Reel Ready

I've been looking up some tips for taking proper care of your rods and reels, and these have been the best so far. 1. Use the proper cleaning supplies and tools: A pan of hot water, Simple Green cleaning compound, Ronsonol Lighter Fluid, TG's Rocket Fuel Hi-Speed Reel Oil, Reel X and Super Lube Grease. (obviously it doesn't have to be those brands, but they have good reviews!) 2. Take apart and handle the reel properly: When you take your reel apart lay out the parts on a mat of some sort. Put a strip of masking tape under the line of parts and number each part as you remove it from the reel. That way you'll be able to put everything back together without having parts leftover. Hold the reel in their left hand and work with their right. That way everything stays oriented. But the really important thing is to always hold it the same. That way the parts will go back together easier. 3. Never put metal against metal.All reel parts are designed metal to fiber. Remember that. 4. Use tweezers to handle springs and wire clips so you don't lose them or send them flying. 5. Clean parts with Simple Green. Don't use gasoline or similar products to remove dirt and grease from your reel's parts. It'll melt plastics. Use a biodegradable product such as Simple Green and a toothbrush that won't hurt the plastic or fiber parts of the reel. 6. Grease gears. Apply grease to the bottom of the teeth, not the top. Applying grease to the tops of the teeth will cause the gears to throw the grease everywhere. You want it in the bottom. Also, don't slop the grease all over the place; a light coating is all you need. Apply it with a toothpick or small brush. 7. Oil bearings. Clean bearings with lighter fluid. That'll remove all the dirt and grunge from them. After they're cleaned make sure they spin. That's very important because it'll tell you they're clean. Oil them with TG's Rocket Fuel — medium viscosity — one drop per bearing. Again use a toothpick. Any of you guys and gals able to give me any other tips?@mcgraffy@Tbn1587@happyrock and everyone else!!

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