The Price of PPGI Steel from Wanzhi Steel

PPGI sheets and coils are created by pre-painting steel with numerous layers of coatings and treatments that make it exceptionally proof against climate conditions and environmental degradations. It combines the potency of steel with all the anti-corrosive properties of metal coatings like aluminum or zinc and will be roll-formed, pressed, punched, or joined in lots of possible ways according to requirements just to be used for a number of different applications.

What Exactly is Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron Coil and Sheet?

PPGI steel

PPGI Steel Applications

PPGI pre-coated steel coils and sheets are commonly used for the following applications:

-Building projects



-Solar Energy


-Home appliance manufacturing including ac units, automatic washers, refrigerators, etc

-Steel doors and windows

PPGI Steel Quality Control

Various tests are performed by our quality control team to specify the mechanical and physical properties of our finished products. Several of the major tests which can be performed add the following:

•Corrosion Resistance

•Metallurgical hardness





•Eddy current




•Magnetic particle


•Ultrasonic, etc.

The properties of hot-dip galvanized steel (GI) include complete protection, tough, weather-resistant coating, durability for an extended lifetime, and reduced maintenance. PPGI combines the beauty of steel with utility. The coatings contain different layers of zinc, tin, chrome, and paint which form the ultimate finish that is certainly applied to the outer lining. The goal of applying a protective coating is always to protect finished steel products from oxidation and is particularly commonly used to improve industry requirements for visual appearance.

PPGI Steel Price at Wanzhi Steel

In recent times we have seen significant growth in online sales of a number of industrial services and products in the steel manufacturing market. How to find a reliable and trustworthy company amidst the chaos can be quite frustrating. At Wanzhi Steel we have a long period of expertise in the steel market and then sell a wide array of steel products for industrial use including:

•PPGI (Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel) coils and sheets

•PPGL (Pre-Painted Galvalume Steel) coils and sheets

•GL (Galvalume) steel

•GI (Galvanized Steel)

•Corrugated steel sheets for Roof and Wall Panels made from GI, PPGI, PPGL, and GL.

Our high-quality steel merchandise is backed with excellent durability and dimensional preciseness standards to make sure that our people are confident that they have sourced the best products out there with regard to their requirements. Our great deal of products is made to ensure smooth execution in various kinds of projects in sectors like construction, automobile, and also other manufacturing and fabricating industries.

Our facilities are geared for stocks and sales of industry-quality steel products with state-of-the-art units for warehousing, packaging, product fabrication, testing, etc. Our expert staff in these units are highly experienced at executing voluminous orders according to quality compliance and precise delivery times. They may be backed by a professional management team with the helm of affairs to streamline the complete company’s business activities. With your strong work ethic, we have the ability to meet our set goals promptly and maintain excellence in your business dealings. Want to get the latest PPGI steel price, come to consult us here:

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