Pros Of Running After Fifty

Pros Of Running After Fifty

Before asking how to start running at 50 and overweight, you should know the effect and the importance of running on your health:

Running is a great and straightforward sport that helps you lose excess body fat.

Many research affirms the importance of running after age 50 as it is the best way to keep your mental health.

Running is good as it protects you from many diseases. For example, it will protect your heart from coronary artery disease that may lead to your death.

An Australian researcher said that running positively affects the health of the body and mind.

Running at 50 and overweight will help you decrease the possibility of illness with common age diseases such as diabetes or type 2, cancer, etc.

Running improves the circulation activity as it helps your body move the oxygen and the blood to all the cells.

Start running at 50, and being overweight will prevent you from Alzheimer’s.

After one month of practicing, your nerves will be much better than before.

Running daily for 10 minutes will reduce the possibility of depression after the age of 50.

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